It’s another Friday the 13th week folks! It’s time to celebrate a series of films that defined horror for a generation of weirdos such as myself. These films had it all, bad acting, bloody and ridiculous murders, boobs and most importantly other boobs. We will be celebrating all of these movies today as a show of respect to their contribution to the horror genre. These films were tailor made for the 1980’s slasher films and were all made with the purely artistic intention of making all the money while spending none to make them.


Here we go folks, the last and Final of the Friday the 13th film series….hold on getting an update. OK folks here we are in the fourth, and not at all false advertised as the final Friday the 13th.

In all honesty the director of this movie Joe Zito said on the commentary for this that he was told that this would in do doubt be the last of these films. The problem was they make sooooo much money and cost jack shit to make. So here we are watching a movie with Final in the title when there are still 8 more to go…

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Release Date: April 13, 1984

Budget: 2.6 Million

Box Office: 33 Million

Back story and Plot: So the last couple of days had not been great for the people of Crystal Lake. Friday the 13th had a madman showing up and murdering a bunch of trainees in a camp. Saturday the 14th had a newly hockey masked madman slaughtering a bunch of kids and a couple of bikers at a summer home on a part of the lake that looked a lot like a pond in a Los Angeles desert. Luckily in the end of all this madness the killer was taken down and is taken to the Crystal Lake Morgue.

So taking him to the morgue was a bad idea because apparently he wasn’t so much dead as he was taking a power nap. After making short work of Axel and Nurse Robbie in the morgue Jason decides to finish this weekend off by finishing his chaos at Crystal Lake.

He comes back to find both a house full of partying miscreants and a loving household with a nice family in it. Not one to play favorites Jason decided that killing everyone he saw was the best course of action.

As per his usual style he dispatches the partying teenagers (suspiciously old looking teenagers) first in various violent and awesome ways. He did manage to kill a set of twins in this one, so at least he was breaking some new ground. Other than that it was the typical murdering of teens that he had pulled off all weekend. So to make this Sunday the 15th the best ever, he decides to go after the family next door.

This turns out to be a mistake. Other than Rob (and possibly Mrs. Jarvis, her death is kind of a mystery) his killing spree was pretty much over for the night and unfortunately for our masked friend a few years. (Rob was a sad case as he was only here to get revenge for the sister that he had lost in the killing spree, although that had just happened a couple days prior…script writing was not the strong point of these movies.)


Survivor Girl: Trish and more importantly Tommy Jarvis

Trish did her job by fighting Jason and hitting him with as many blunt objects as possible while still running and being attractive. Unfortunately she was not the star here and doesn’t get the credit that her little brother acquires in the end.

How’d she survive?  

Jason’s an idiot. While Trish was doing the traditional, run, fall down, hit Jason technique her brother was upstairs forming a master plan. Tommy decided to shave his head so he appeared to our idiot killer to be a younger version of himself. This fooled Jason’s dumb ass long enough for Trish to knock his mask off with the machete. This bought enough time for Tommy himself to hit Jason in the head with that same machete roughly 146 times and kill him.


Dancing his ASS off. -image via pinterest

His dance moves have inspired millions and continue to make the world a better place to this day.


An Idiot’s Opinion: This is the favorite Friday of a lot of people and I can see why. It is fun, nails all the Jason high points and introduces a possible new killer with Tommy Jarvis. Of the four that I have reviewed so far this was the best made of the bunch and I for one am glad that the producers of this movie series are lying, money hungry weirdos. I smell A New Beginning.


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