The final 20 keep rolling right along folks. Today one of our favorite guests returns to help promote tomorrow and Friday’s big IWA Mid-South Ted Petty Invitational.

1: How do you feel about this year’s TPI field in comparison to year’s past?

At the very least, it’s totally different from any other tournament on the indies. Great mix of young talent, veterans & established names in wrestling.

2: Are you shocked every year at the shear amount of talent Ian gets involved in this thing?

Definitely. Ian keeps the cards close to chest when it comes to TPI. He’d call & say, “announce Monsta Mack for TPI”, LOL. Ian always tells the story about being the first guy to fly Joey Ryan to a show, all the way back in 2005, so it’s awesome to get him back, 14 years later for his 3rd TPI.

3: A big story going into this year is Aaron Williams. Is winning three in a row too big even for him to accomplish?

People said a repeat would be too big & he did it. Talk about a guy that’s been on the run of his career. If anyone has the momentum & talent to do it, it’s Aaron.

4: Alright, time for the real shit. Who you picking?
We got guys & a girl that are on some win streaks. I can’t pick one competitor. It’s too hard!

5: Finally man. If there are any fence sitters about coming out this week what’s your final sales pitch?
Nowhere within 300-500 miles are you gonna find a show of this caliber for $25 a night or $30 if you can only make one night. No overpriced meet & greets, no 40 Milers (besides myself) that shouldn’t be in the building. 24 of the very best on the indies today. Can’t make Thursday? I’m almost positive everyone on Thursday will be there on Friday as well! Don’t be the dummy sitting at home reading results on!

That’s all I gotta say, I’m outta here!


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