The final 20 moves on. Today we get to speak with EWE’s Jim about a very special show they have going on this week.

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1: I know this week’s show means the world to you. How proud do you think Kathy would be of you guys for continuing to work hard like this?

I know she would be extremely proud of how the company is going and how her son is following his dream and growing daily. This has been hard for both of us and we both have not kill each other yet. For the grace of God we are growing and glorify God. She is always with us in our heart 💜 and part of our life forever.
2: So what do you think of the Epic Cup so far?

I like the Epic Cup and need to make it a better tournament each year. Like having new talent on our show. I believe we can make it bigger and better.

3: Deonta had a successful first defense at the last show. How do you think he will do this week when he will have very little time to prepare for whomever wins the number one contender battle royal?

I have faith and confidence in our new champ. Our fans love him and glad we have a new champ. He is a professional, he will be ready for whoever he has to face.

4: Another champ that is on fire are the Mama’s Boiz. Do you see anyone unseating them anytime soon?

I agree they are on fire and one of the hottest tag team in the area. We are proud to have them as champs. They are going to have everyone gunning for them and they are up to the challenge. I don’t have any team in mind but they are going to have to wrestle to keep the belts. You never know who may show up to challenge them for the belts.

5: Is there anything you want to say to the good people that have continued to support EWE?

We have Awesome fans that come support our show at the Arena and the church show. I personally go around and attempt to meet everyone and make them feel at home. You are only a stranger once at our show and then you are part of the family. Come support the dream 💜


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