Another in our final 20 of the 5 Question interview series. Mouse has a very big show coming up that he is sinking a ton of money in. I asked the hard questions on why this otherwise rational human being would go on a fools errand like this.

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Go get some tickets man.

1: What rhymes with goat?



2: If you had to get across a small lake and couldn’t swim what would you use?



3: I’m trying to find a shorter way of saying the Best Of All Time. What should I use instead?



4: What exactly was the Titanic again?

A ship which is just a big #BOAT.

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5: Finally, how excited for you about your big FRIGHT NIGHT event coming up on October 11th at the Arena?

Honestly I think I’m making a mistake. I don’t think people are gonna show up. I hope people show up. I just want to celebrate what I have done and where I have been. I wouldn’t be me with out alot of folks on the show. The Carnies, The Night Ryderz, Cole Radrick and Maniwa. All of these guys and including you lie to me all the time and tell me I know what I’m doing. I have no clue but I have lots of fun kind of stumbling through this world. #BOAT Gang Gang. 

Check this out. They ain’t playing y’all.


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Seriously go get tickets man. Mouse is a good dude and deserves all the support he can get. 

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