Another big night at EWE…

  • Before the preshow match Jason Levi attacked Chris Gordon.

Dalton Davis defeated Chris Gordon with a Full Nelson Slam. After the match he delivered a chokeslam to Gordon.


  • Matt Atreya demanded his EWE title match to kick off the main card.

Deonta Davis retained the EWE Championship in a Last Man Standing match over Matt Atreya. He picked up the win with an Attitude Adjustment on a chair.


Petey Young advanced in a first round Epic Cup match over Jason Levi by DQ when Dalton Davis attacked.


Tony Dynamite advanced in a first round Epic Cup match over Waffle with a 2nd rope splash.

  • Tony then tried to get a forfeit victory in the next round because Akira wasn’t there. He was though.


Akira defeated Tony Dynamite in an Epic Cup Quarter Final match with a  Kinshasa.


The Bomb Shelter defeated KTK (Rich and Big D version) after a Blockbuster from Schwartz.


Espiritu Maya defeated Go-Go with a knee strike.


Chet Ripley defeated Billie Starkz with a double arm DDT.


Matt Atreya, Duke the Nuke and Immortal Champion Hayley Shadows destroyed Delta. Duke is Atreya’s new “Nuclear option”.


Lexus Montez advanced in a first round Epic Cup match over Sam Thompson via small package reversal.


The Mama’s Boiz defeated the Mane Event to retain the EWE Tag Team Championships.


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