Wow. 130 of these bad boys down. Our next guess is the former Champion and current number one contender to the EWE Championship Matt Atreya. This Saturday he tries to reclaim the title he held for a year against Deonta Davais in a Last Man Standing Match. We are happy to get Matt’s thoughts on this big contest.

1: I’ll start out with this. Do you think your loss to Deonta was a fluke?

Obviously it was. I wasn’t actually cleared to wrestle, but I also wasn’t about to just hand MY title over either, even though that’s what the office wanted to see.


2: You were EWE Champion for a year…does it feel strange that you are no longer on top of the mountain?

I’m still on top. Name one person that has been able to outsmart the people I have….go ahead, I’ll wait.


3: Did you think you were slightly over confident going into the match with Deonta?

Being over confident had nothing to with the loss. Again, I wasn’t cleared and my vision was still impaired, but I did what I had to do. I wasn’t just going to mail the title back.


4: If you regain the title Saturday night who do you see as the next strong Contender to the EWE Championship?

WHEN I regain my title, I’ll wait for the first person to step up. Right now my focus is on dismantling Deonta in every way imaginable.


5: Finally is there anything the fans can expect from you in the Last Man Standing Match Saturday?

Besides broken hearts and shattered dreams? Just watch as another self proclaimed “hero” is put on a pedestal and shown to the world that he’s not invincible.


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