Crown Point, Indiana

Commentators: Dave Prazak, Sarah Shockey


Alex Zayne vs Gary Jay

This was what I thought it was going to be coming in. Alex does all kinds of awesome flippy stuff and Gary tries to murder him with strikes. Once this thing got going I really enjoyed it. Gary is the man and Zayne continues to knock it out of the park in the last few months. Solid opener.

Winner: Gary got the pin with a forearm.

  • Alex got a please come back chant as he went through the curtain. Deserved.


Harlow O’Hara vs Jody Threat

This didn’t click for me. Not outwardly bad or anything I just didn’t think that these two meshed well together. Both are fine as individual performers but on this night I just didn’t feel it. That’s why the man makes 31 flavors.

Winner: Harlow picked up the win with a Fisherman’s DDT.


Flip Flop and FlyBall vs Bear Country

Holy shit man, how are Bear Country not on WWE’s radar? Two big tough bastards like them should already have jobs. Decent little tag match with Cabana Man Dan and Boomer making it seem as believable as possible. In the end though there is no way that Bear Country should lose to guys that small. Entertaining.

Winner: Bear Country got the win with a double team elevated splash on CMD.


Project M.O.N.I.X vs Aero Boy

Damn fine match here. For me to this point in the show it was MOTN, it didn’t stay that way but that’s just because there was some next level shit coming. Monix continues to evolve and get better while Aero is top notch. Both of these guys are amazing athletes and this was a really, really good Lucha style match.

Winner: Monix got the win with a huge DDT.


Ray Horus vs Black Taurus

This is what the kids call a “banger”. From beginning to end theses crazy bastards put on a clinic and if you called it match of the night you wouldn’t get an argument from me. Ray has already been on national television but performances like this (other than fidgeting with his mask) should get him back there immediately. Meanwhile, Black Taurus is a freak of nature and his ability to pull off the shit he does in that kind of mask blows me away. GREAT match.

Winner: Black Taurus got the win with a Tornado Driver.


Danhausen McScramble with Teeth: “Cornbelt Cowboy” Steve Manders vs Isaias Velasquez vs Graham Bell vs Shawn Kemp vs Johnathan Wolf vs Danhausen

This was fun but it was also a scramble. You’ve seen a scramble. Everyone gets a chance to shine and look good. This has teeth involved though so that’s something. Scrambles are like battle royals for me, they are all fun but it takes something special to put them to the next level. It was fine.

Winner: Velasquez got the win with a huge piledriver on Danhausen.


Larry D vs Dan Maff

This was two big mean hombres beating the shit out of one another and that’s right up my alley. Both of these men are veterans and knew just when and where to nail big shots on one another to get the biggest response from the crowd. Someone should book a match for WrestleMania weekend and let these guys become millionaires. I’m a sucker for a Hoss fight man and this was a damn good one.

Winner: Maff got the win with a Burning Hammer on Larry and then both men showed respect after…by chopping each other. Bad Ass.


BLP Midwest Championship: (C) AJ Gray vs Craig Mitchell

Another good hard hitting match. A solid performance from both athletes. AJ is progressing seemingly every month and is one of the best the Midwest has to offer. See him locally while you can. Mitchell also did a helluva job in there and these two put together a really good fight.

Winner: AJ retains with a lariat.


BLP Championship: Warhorse vs Kobe Durst w/Blood Diamond

I loved the hell out of this. From the very beginning the face/heel lines were easily definable and both athletes did what they needed to do to tell the story. Blood Diamond being complete scumbags really helped Warhorse being the bad ass good guy he needed to be for this crowd. The match pretty much hit every note it needed to to be great. Can’t say enough positive things about the guys involved and how they presented this contest. Really good stuff and my only complaint is that it wasn’t the main.

Winner: Kobe retained with a second rope piledriver after numerous shenanigans.

  • After the match Blood Diamond tried to continue the beatdown on Warhorse but The Stunt Doubles made the save leading to…


BLP Tag Team Championships: (C) Blood Diamond vs The Stunt Doubles

This was fun but had the issue of following three (in my eyes) better matches. All four guys involved worked their asses off to try to close the show as best they could though. This was a perfectly fine tag match full of talented kids. In the end it was pretty much just a sendoff for Marko and was what it needed to be for that.

Winner: The Stunt Doubles got the win by DQ when Jake attacked Marko with a chair.

  • The bigger point than Blood Diamond being huge scumbags was the fact that this was Marko’s last show with BLP. He gave a heartfelt speech to the crowd (and except for a couple of jackasses that were apparently talking during the speech everyone was moved) and said his goodbyes. We will miss Marko on smaller shows but good for him that he is moving onto greener pastures.


Overall Thoughts: I enjoyed this show. From about the fourth match on everything more than delivered. Other than some nit picky stuff this was yet another great show from BLP. Take your time to check this out on our friends with Indie Wrestling if you get the chance.


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