This Saturday night Deonta Davis will be putting his Epic Wrestling Entertainment Championship on the line against the former champion Matt Atreya. We were lucky enough to get a chance to speak with the champ before this huge contest.

1: It’s has to be asked, because it’s out there. Do you think that the claims your win over former Champ Atreya a fluke?

Me winning wasn’t a fluke it was me simply wanting to be champion more than Matt Atreya. Becoming EWE champion isn’t just for me but for the fans and that’s what gave me that extra umph to keep pushing to get that W.


2: How does it feel to finally be the man in EWE?

Being that man at EWE is an awesome opportunity for me because I can test my skills and show a lot of people what I’m made of.


3: Do you think being the champion is going to take your intensity level up a notch as a competitor?

I believe that being champion definitely has to get my intensity up. I’m getting in the ring with some stuff competition and honestly it’s gonna definitely take more than dancing to retain that championship.


4: If you retain the title Saturday night who do you see as the next strong Contender to the EWE Championship?

I see a lot of great people I’d like to get in the ring with, Akira has been kicking butt. I definitely would love to face Chet Ripley one more time we definitely had something nice going in our first encounter. There’s so many people I’d love to face but that’s to Jim Austin.


5: Finally is there anything the fans can expect from you in the Last Man Standing Match Saturday?

You can expect a lot of stuff in this match! We’ve faced each other so many times. He knows what I’m capable of and I know what he’s capable of as well and that’s what makes this match tougher because I got him down for 3 seconds which took a lot to do so there’s no telling what I’ll need to do to keep him down for TEN!


Thanks to Deonta for taking the time to speak to us today. Give him a follow on Twitter to get his thoughts on other stuff.


That’s all folks. Thanks for reading.

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