New tag champs were crowned…


  • The show started out in the Rainbow Ballroom where host Loki had Dawson on as a guest. Loki bullied Dawson and Nina Monet arrived to make the save. This led to a match later in the show.

Chet Love defeated Ace Jackson by pinfall after Ace refused to let go of his armbar submission. After the match Ace nailed Chet with his Crimson Cross punch to leave him laying.

The Garvins (representing the Bad Dude Gang w/Dude) defeated The Mama’s Boiz in a Non-title matchh after some Dude shenanigans paid off.

Coal County Crusher defeated Big D w/Dude by DQ after Ace Jackson took him down.

Nina Monet defeated Loki Havik after a distraction from GPW Women’s Champ Amazing Maria.

Rich Dulmage and Kev-O defeated The Purge w/Croux by DQ when the Bad Dude Gang arrived in mass and took them out. Dude then demanded that an absent Freddie Hudson defend his title or forfeit it to Duke the Nuke right then and there. 2 Tuff Tony arrived and made that title match for next week’s show and then forced the BDG to defend the tag titles right then.

Stupid Youth Project defeated the Bad Dude Gang (represented by Gnarls Garvin and Duke w/Dude, Apollo and Big D) to become the new GPW Tag Team Champions. Dude pulled out referee Sean on a pin attempt which started a mass brawl with the BDG, Rich/Kev-O, The Mama’s Boiz and Freddie Hudson all becoming involved. In the confusion the SYP was able to pull off the upset victory.



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