What went down Friday night…

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This is courtesy of Paradigm. I left the notebook at home for this one but I’ll drop in some thoughts where I feel they are warranted.

To begin the show, AC Mack interrupted show host Jordan Rose, and said he was taking over the show. He then made fun of his scheduled opponent, Cole Radrick, for losing his last two matches against AJ Gray and Myron Reed.

“Wild Heart” Cole Radrick then defeated “The Mack of All Trades” AC Mack with a swanton bomb in an extremely athletic and competitive bout. (Good Stuff. Mack was over immediately and Cole can do no wrong right now.)

“All Business” James Bandy defeated “The Last True Heartthrob” Corey Storm via disqualification after Storm hit Bandy with a brutal chairshot in a show stealing bout. Storm was clearly distracted before the bout, saying only that he wanted Myron Reed, until Brandy began bring the fight to him and physically dominating him. (Bandy is a bad ass and Corey’s descent into madness is getting interesting…)

After the match, Bandy received a standing ovation from the crowd and “Please Come Back” chants. Rumor has it that PPW management has already signed an extremely high profile match for Bandy for the next show in September.

The Awesome Odyssey defeated #PME (Philly Collins & Marino Tenaglia) in an extremely fast-paced, high flying tag team match. Following the bout, Odyssey made it known that they were coming for the Tag Team titles. (Both teams are getting better every time out.)

“Hot Fire” Myron Reed defeated the debuting Alan Angels in an extremely competitive bout that blended high flying attacks with technical prowess. After the contest, Corey Storm repeatedly attacked Myron Reed, and the two men had to be separated by the locker room. (The Corey/Myron story is moving along.)

“The Ace of PPW” Bradley Prescott IV defeated the returning “Cornbelt Cowboy” Manders and the debuting “Still Standing” Jacob Ryan in a triple threat match after pinning Ryan. (Good match from these three. Bradley is still the Ace, Ryan did great and Manders is a plus to any show he’s on.)

“The Shooter” Freddie Hudson defeated “Maserati” Wes Barkley, ending what Barkley called “his long and glorious undefeated streak” in Paradigm Pro Wrestling. (Solid.)

In the co-main event, PPW Tag Team Champion “The Forgotten One” Bobby Beverly defeated “The Pitbull” Brett Ison in a hard fought bout that saw both men hit each other extremely hard, and trade numerous Saito Suplexs. Beverly picked up the win with a roll-up in which fans believe Bev may have grabbed the tights, and saw Ison kick out just after the three-count. (Hard hitting stuff that I enjoyed a lot. Both guys deserve all the praise they get and more.)

Following the match, Beverly put over Ison and told him to bring his partner to Jeffersonville, IN, and they’d run back the match for the Tag Team Championships. Beverly also stated that he didn’t care who won the Paradigm Championship in the main event, that he wanted a shot at the title.

In the main event, “The Truth” AJ Gray defeated “The One Main Militia” Matthew Justice in a No Disqualification match to retain the Paradigm Championship in a shockingly high impact bout. Gray got the win after hitting Justice in the face with the title belt, and then hitting a Steiner Screwdriver onto the belt. (See my thoughts on the Bev/Ison Match.)


Overall Thoughts: That sums it up. I thought it was a good show and the debuts (plus the returning Manders) were all great additions to the card and the company. Another good card from PPW that not enough folks were there for. Check it out when it drops on IWTV.


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