A history making night last night…Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, text

  • To start off The good people at OPW had a beautiful tribute to the dearly departed Leon Noel for whom this tournament was dedicated. Awesome moment.


On the Pre-Show Chet Ripley defeated J-Bly by DQ after the latter went nuts with a chair.


  • Commissioner Ben came out with the “proof” that he is charge of the show. Riveting stuff from the Commish. (NOTE: Insert eye roll emoji here)

In the First Round of the Championship Tournament:

Trigga Travis defeated Stephen Wolf with a rollup. Hard fought win.

Joshie Boy defeated Sage Cainan w/Shain Bender by pinfall when Saige got lazy in a triangle choke.

Lukas Jacobs defeated OMEGA after a Frog Splash.

Logan James defeated Ace Perry with a Hybrid Theory in what would be match of the night anywhere.

  • Duke the Nuke was supposed to fight J-Mo in the last first round contest but with him being injured Commissioner Ben found a suitable replacement…

Duke the Nuke defeated Big D in no time at all with the Fingerpoke of Doom. Ben sucks at picking stuff and Duke then received a bye to the finals.


In the Semi-Finals: (After Ben switched the card up and changed the the card up)

Trigga Travis defeated Joshie Boy by DQ when J-Bly hit him with a chair. J-Bly then attacked Joshie several times with the chair.

Logan James defeated Lukas Jacobs after a brawl all around the Arena. Logan was able to roll Lukas up after a Frog Splash attempt.


In Non-Tournament action, Seishen was able to defeat Jaylee with a Shining Wizard.


In the Finals Logan James defeated Trigga Travis and Duke the Nuke to become the very first OPW Champion. Duke the Nuke actually just took out Trigga Travis with a Fallout Slam and walked out on the match leaving Logan to try and take out an already injured Trigga. In the end Trigga passed out to a one legged crab from Logan.


  • I’ll come out and say that this was probably the best show in OPW history. Good night all around.


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