From Eric Montgomery.

First Match: Joe “Trigga” Travis defeated “Crimson Dagger” Ace Jackson by pin-fall following a school boy in a very competitive match
*After the match, Ace continues attacking Trigga and then stands over him until Coal County Crusher makes his way out to the ring to stand face to face with Ace who walks off.
Second Match: Apollo “Showtime” Garvin w/Dude Baddington defeated “The Keg King” Rich Dulmage by pin-fall following a full nelson slam.
Third Match: “JMO” Jesse Morris defeated Big D w/Dude Baddington by Disqualification after Duke the Nuke laid JMO out with a massive chokeslam then follows it up with a Nuclear D.
Fourth Match: Zander defeated Coal County Crusher by Disqualification after Crusher had Zander in a fireman’s carry and out of nowhere Ace hits the ring and hits The Dagger Kick on Zander to cause Crusher to get disqualified.
Fifth Match: Duke the Nuke w/Dude Baddington defeated “Why Not” Dawson and Kev-O Porter in a 1-on-2 Handicap Match by hitting Dawson with the World’s Strongest Slam.
*After the match was over, Kev-O throws his armband at Dawson as he was left laying in the ring from the World’s Strongest Slam and heads to the back, What’s going on with Kev-O?
Sixth Match: “The Black Unicorn” Loki Havik defeated Lillie Lockhart by submission following the Rainbow Sleeper.
*After the match, Loki tells the crowd that he will make The Amazing Maria tapout out to the Rainbow Sleeper when they finally meet for Maria’s GPW Women’s Championship.
Main Event: “The Future” Freddie Hudson defeated Gnarls “Beef” Garvin by pin-fall following small package, Then after the match; Big D and Duke the Nuke leave Rich and Freddie laying after viciously attacking them as The Bad Dude Gang stood tall to end the show.

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