There are some people in the wrestling business that bust their humps every single show to try to, not only make the business better, but help the people in it…

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That’s Mouse. I see him multiple times a month going out of his way to try his level best to help every athlete, promotion, other photographers and pretty much everyone he comes in contact better. 

As far as the people that he helps out (with rides to shows, money, advice, paying out of his own pocket for them to have an opportunity to learn) they all love the guy and are pretty much his adopted kids. 

I honestly think that he doesn’t know how much he means to the people in the wrestling business and I for one wish to to remedy that. So here is just a tiny amount of the folks Mouse has touched in this crazy world and what they have to say about this all around good dude.


“Mouse is indispensable in independent wrestling. Works his ass off and has drive. We are lucky to have him.” Mike Blanton -Promoter, Black Label Pro


“Mouse is one of the absolute best dudes that I’ve met in this business. He’s willing to do everything he can to help the wrestling scene in this area. If he sees something in you, he will help you out to get where you wanna be. Also, if you get the chance, take a road trip with this dude.” Ben Shearin- Referee, Commissioner, Commentator


“Thank you mouse for everything you done for me. Letting me hop in cars and learn how to be on the road. You are the Midwest Dad for Indiana Wrestling. Gang Gang Bless Up!!!!”  Freddie Hudson -Wrestler


“Mouse is truly the most valuable player when it comes to wrestling in the mid-west. Just on a surface level his high quality action and promotional pictures help out a ton but mouse does so much more than anyone realizes. Whether it’s making the drives getting workers where they need to go, providing guidance to promoters , wrestlers, other photographers, etc. ; he does everything he can to help improve every aspect of wrestling he can. All of these things are truly invaluable and we are blessed as a culture to have a Mouse.” Cam Adams- Promoter, Paradigm Pro Wrestling


“Mouse has been super nice to me since I met him. Even before I started taking pictures, he would take cool pictures for me with real quality, and be happy to do it. It’s always been cool to see how many shows he makes it to and how good his pictures turn out. I had always wanted to do photography but being in high school and not taking the class, I didn’t think I’d get the chance. One night he let me use his camera to shoot a show and gave me the logins to his editing apps to play around with my stuff. Since then he has given me a lot of equipment, pointers, and rides to shows I never thought I’d make it to, especially as a worker. He may be tough sometimes but it’s love and honesty. You can always count on him to be truly kind and give advice to the best of his ability, even if it may hurt your feelings. He gives back selflessly and I’ve been blessed to be taken under his wing.” Dorri Huffman-Ruff Day Photography


“Mouse can be a frustrating & grumpy old man. But he’s also one of my favorite friends and I love him. Deserves more credit for what he does, & I would do anything for him.” Chase Holliday- Wrestler


“I first met Mouse sometime after KOTDM 2016. I believe through John Gray. He once posted this on a picture of me – “This dude has been shouting my photos out since before I had a decent camera or any clue what to do with my camera or photos. This dude has helped and encourage my growth along with many others but he definitely was the first. He has helped me gain opportunities that I’m grateful for. When he says he is Pro Wrestling’s BFF dude really is. Thanks Bro.”

I’ve supported him since the beginning because I knew this area could benefit from a photographer being at every show. The independent scene, more importantly the Kentuckiana scene are so lucky to have someone like Mouse. He always gets the shot, always takes promos, does whatever he’s asked. His newly developed Tuesday’s at 6 training at the ArenA helps the scene with ring time and seminars. He’s helped inspire others to start taking photos, his daughter Beanz & now Dorri with Ruff Day Photography. If I personally had the money, I’d hire Mouse for every show I was a part of. Partly, selfishly, to get awesome photos of myself but knowingly because once people see Mouse’s photo, they want to see that show.” Nick Maniwa- IWA Mid-South Commentator


“When someone loves what they do it often shines through in their work, and that is the case for him! A talented photographer, and most of all a good dude!” Dustin Rayz- Wrestler


“Mouse to me is one of the unsung heroes of the Southern Indiana. He’s gone out of his way to offer me personally spots in his car for a show, takes promo pictures (or just pictures in general) and even opened up the arena for open ring time every Tuesday and has already brought tons of talent in for Seminars. He will tell you what you need to hear…not what you want to hear! Some people may take offense but that’s the feedback that makes you better. Mouse is The GOAT plain and simple.” Adam Slade -Wrestler


“Robert is a photographer that goes the extra mile. Excellent pictures that he doesn’t mi d sharing with the wrestler he took pictures of. That’s rare in this day and aged of everyone wanting something. I’m am glad he is the Photographer for Girl Fight Wrestling.” Madman Pondo -Promoter Girl Fight Wrestling


“When I first met Mouse I had a hard read on him. We talked one time outside of BLP and got to really know him. As a guy who constantly gives his time to people myself, I understand the sacrifices Mouse has made for others. Taking wrestlers to events they could never make, giving promo shots to wrestlers who have never had them before, giving his advice and time. They don’t make many kind humans anymore, mostly because they broke the mode with how good of a human Mouse is.” Kerry Awful- Wrestler


“I am blessed to know Robert Starks Bellamy better known as Mouse. Not only am I close to his incredible family, but i wouldn’t be at half of the great wrestling promotions I work for if not for Mouse. Mouse has taken some amazing pictures of me, promo and action shots, that i’m so grateful for. Mouse is also responsible for getting me on with some of the premiere independent wrestling promotions in the country and that’s something I could never repay him for because I’ve been apart of some really cool moments and been on some of the most watched platforms due to that. I could go on about the car rides, life coaching, and business advice but Chad said don’t write a book. So thank you Mouse for being the man. You may have everyone convinced that you actually hate me, but I’ll always be one of your boys.” Sean Patrick O’Brien- Referee


“Mouse is always there with his honest opinion. When everyone else is there with “That was good shit brother, Good Shit.” Mouse will tell you his honest opinion because he wants everyone to get better. I guess you could say he is an island of reality in an ocean of diarrhea.” Big D- Wrestler


“One of my biggest mentors and my biggest helpers and supporters is mouse. Talk about a guy who puts in the miles, helps our kids, knows and understands wrestling is that guy. Since day 1 he has helped me even when I didn’t really know him, he always out there and helping me or someone out. Love you Mouse.” Steve Manders-Wrestler


“I met Robert (better know as Mouse) almost three years ago at IWA Midsouth. He was taking ringside photos as usual. Mouse was immediately friendly and helpful. He took promo and candid photos for us at no charge. Which made us look more professional that we were at the time. I wish I knew how many times he’s recommended some one listen to my podcast. It’s probably a very high number.

Mouse has also offered me priceless advice to me on many occasions. To this day, if I don’t know how to handle a situation, he’s my go to for level headed and 100% correct advice. I am still kicking myself about things he’s told me I should do and for one reason or another I didn’t.

I am certainly not the only person Mouse has helped. In fact it seems like that’s all he does. Everywhere he takes his camera, he improves the world around him. Mouse has helped me build relationships that I cherish to this day. I love him and his family and all the hard work they all do to support those around them. If we all were just a little more like them, the pro wrestling and real world would improve drastically.

Now every time I’m going to a show and I know he will be there I get happy. Seeing his grumpy face puts a smile on mine. Thank you for everything Mouse.” Drewcifer Jones – The Road Home From Wrestling Podcast


“Man, Robert doesn’t get appreciated enough. From the thousands of pictures he takes for almost free of charge,(hey assholes, start tipping your photographers for making us look like superstars if you don’t pay them already.) to allowing me to stay in him home, to being one of the best friends that I’m lucky to have in the business, and to always being the guy if I need a good rant out of, I just have to mention the arena.

Robert, aka Mouse, aka Black Cornette(his words not mine.) aka Miserable Mouse, aka Notorious M.O.U.S.E. is absolutely one of the best photographers in the Midwest. His passion, persistence and dedication to the local wrestling scene should be appreciated.

Also, I hate you Robert.

Love you, Lil Brother you never wanted.” Cole Radrick- Wrestler


“I don’t think that there’s a better photographer in wrestling right now. Mouse is always readily available to take promo shots and constantly takes my favorite live action shots. Photography aside, he’s one of nicest, most honest people I know.” Nick Iggy- Wrestler


“Mouse could careless if it you get mad or not he’ll let you know if he doesn’t like something, we need more honest good people like him. We owe that man so much for all of his hard work an helping make our promo pictures an 8×10’s look professional!” Myron Reed- Wrestler


I could probably fine TONS more folks that Mouse has helped along the way since he has gotten involved in this crazy sport but I’m starting to think you get the point. I will however add my two cents. Mouse is a great dude with a passion for what he does and helping not only himself, but other people get better and accomplish their dreams. Mouse is a talented guy, good husband, great Dad and deserves every bit of praise heaped on him today. Mouse is my friend.

Thanks Mouse.



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