What went down…

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On the Pre-Show DC Shaw defeated The Gilpinator via a foot on the ropes rollup.


  • Rich Dulmage was the guest on Saint’s Row. This set up a tag match for later in the show.

Calvin Tankman defeated Khris Khaliber via the Tankman Driver.


Lazarus defeated Trash Bradley/Rich Dulmage and The Odd Skwad in a triple threat tag.


ATM defeated Dale Patricks in a POOL PARTY DEATHMATCH.


Shane Mercer w/Jason Saint retained his JCW Championship over Aidan Blackhart w/Tony Dynamite via KO.


Duke the Nuke defeated Corey Storm via every cheap pin tactic available. He was still being a bully after the match until Calvin Tankman arrived to get in his face.


Anthony Toatele defeated Tripp Cassidy in an I Quit Match after Tripp quit when Toatele refused to quit.


Ace Perry defeated Trigga Travis after a fire alarm went off and he hit a cutter in the distraction. Nikki Campbell arrived and tried to form a relationship with Ace but was shot down when he declared himself a ten and her only a two…


Alice Crowley defeated Bristol Hayle w/Richard Sharkey in a Mosh Pit Lumberjack match after putting her through 2 boards stacked on chairs. A coke fueled (allegedly) Richard Sharkey tried to stop a show of respect between the athletes but was shut down. At one point Security Guard Big D murdered the fool with a Dutch Rudder and Bristol Punched him in the balls so all is right with the world.


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