Today we are lucky enough to speak to the right hand man of DESTRUCTOpro honcho Benji Lee Teegan, Mr. Richard Sharkey. Mr. Sharkey has a lot of irons in the fire at DESTRUCTO so we were curious how he was handling it all.

Photo Credit: Haley Dicken


1: We appreciate you taking the time to do this for us. I’m sure it is hectic working for BLT. How has it been working for someone of his stature?

Hectic? I’d say it’s a dream come true. Working with someone of similar mindset in hating the poor and Amish. Now, I may need to work on wiping his mic off sooner and things of that nature but I will say what some would call quote unquote “verbal abuse” I look at as him REALLY showing that he cares.


2: It’s come to our attention that recently police raided your home. We were curious as to what the suspicion was if you are able to discuss it?

On the record or off? No matter, ALLEGEDLY and I can’t stress this enough. ALLEGEDLY I may have a vice for a lil bit of the Nashville Nose Candy. Absolutely ridiculous. Good thing cops take bribes…..ALLEGEDLY!


3: Speaking of illegal activities, what is the deal with you backing Bristol Hayle so hard?

You disappoint me on this one Chachi. You really do. I feel it’s obvious. She is a vicious, sadistic, most pit loving, beast of a woman who happens to hate the so called “punk rock princess” almost if not MORE than I do! So, naturally it was a perfect fit to side with Bristol Hayle and get a front row seat in the destruction of Alice Crowley.


4: What do you expect from the Mosh Pit Match Friday?

Image result for Mr. T Rocky 3 Pain



5: We appreciate all your time sir. If you had one thing to say to sell the show Friday to someone on the fence, what would it be?

If anyone were smart (which I know around these parts it’s few and far between) they wouldn’t be on the fence. The esteemed Mr. Teegan and myself are going to make Destructo Pro great again! We have a fully stocked roster from top to bottom and not to mention a wide variety of match types. Everyone is guaranteed to see something they have never seen before! Oh! Sorry my damn allergies got my nose bleeding again. I gotta jet and meet my plug……. doctor! That’s what I call my doctor heh heh we’re buds.


Thanks to Richard for taking the time to speak to us today. Give him a follow on Twitter to get his thoughts on other stuff…I’m sure it will be riveting. 


That’s all folks. Thanks for reading.

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