What went down last night…

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Levi Everett made the Jeffersonville Phantom tap to an armbar.

The Phantom replaced Sloppy Slade for this. Really fun opener. Levi is over everywhere he goes for a reason and the Phantom did pretty good as the bad guy trying to attack our poor Levi. The crowd was all over this.


Freddie Hudson defeated Ryan Dookie via the Shining Wizard.

The crowd stayed hype for this. Roughly about the same level quality wise as the first match. Probably the hottest crowd for a PPW in a while to this point.


Myron Reed defeated Cole Radrick with the Louisville Slugger.

Probably the most “indie” style match of the night to this point. Both guys busted their asses and put it on the line to keep the crowd in to this in a big way. It worked. Good stuff.


AJ Gray retained his PPW Championship in an a open challenge match over Calvin Tankman.

Probably my favorite match all night. I am all about two big tough bastards beating the hell out of one another to prove who the better man is. Loved it and so did the crowd. Top notch shit. I’m voting for both these guys in 2020.


Bradley Prescott IV defeated Jonathan Gresham after a 450 and some shenanigans.

Another top notch match. It started out a little slow but built and built until and awesome ending. Jonathan Gresham continues to be one of the best in the world. As far as Bradley goes? He earned this shit and did a damn fine job of keeping up in there. Loved it.


Wes Barkley defeated Corey Storm via shenanigans.

The crowd wasn’t as in to this in the beginning as some other stuff (maybe due to us almost dying from smoke inhalation due to Corey’s gimmick) but they came around. Another just all around solid match though. Not too shabby.


The Lifers retained the PPW Tag Team Championships over The Rejects and Awesome Odyssey w/Jason Saint in a Portal to Pain match (only way to be eliminated is to go through a door).

This was a technical masterpiece not seen since the days of Flair v Steamboat and…nah it was a brawl all the way around the building where shit got broke. What were you expecting? Above all else though this was fun and the crowd was into it from before the bell rang until the last door was broken. Everybody busted ass and deserve all the credit they can get for this.


Overall Thoughts: Loved this. It may be my new favorite PPW show. From top to bottom the guys worked hard and deserved every single cheer that the awesome crowd gave them. Everyone involved with this should be proud with what they did here. Let’s see if they can keep this momentum going next month.


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