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  • Sarah intros the replacement title for the Indiana State Belt…The Midwest Title. Why do I love that?


AJ Gray defeated Jake Parnell to become the new Midwest Champion via the Lariat.

Hell of an opener. Both dudes was laying it in out there and made the belt seem important right out of the shoot. Good start. These dudes are the future.


Larry D defeated Jonathan Gresham with the big punch.

EXCELLENT big vs little man match. I feel it lived up to their TPI classic. Really good shit here. Larry shows respect to Gresham after the match. Can’t say enough good stuff about this, it was great.


Logan Stunt defeated Jaxon Stone via spin kick.

It definitely happened. Fastest match in BLP history. It did it’s job. I like both kids.


Swoggle defeated Jordynne Grace by DQ when Allie attacked him to screw Jordynne.

Pretty good when the comedy wore off. I liked it better than I thought. Fun stuff. Allie is still a jerk which I like. Respect to Jordynne and Swoggle for making it work.


Gary Jay defeated Tom Lawlor with a big forearm. 

This was a fucking fight and I was all about it. My favorite on the show up to this point. Big match feel from the get go. Josh disrespects Tom after but damn, who cares? This was my shit. God bless these weirdos.


The Work Horsemen defeated Violence is Forever with an inside cradle.

Amazing tag match from the word jump. Both of these teams are among my favorites and the Work Horsemen need to be signed to the “E” right god damned now. Beautiful work from all four of these athletes. This is what tag wrestling should be all about.


  • The Dragon arrives and looks better than 95% of wrestling right now. Danny Adams interrupts and it goes about as well as you would expect. I want another Dragon run somewhere right fucking now.


Brian Pillman Jr. defeated Trey Miguel.

This was indie as hell. Not that that’s a bad thing. Both kids busted ass and did a good job. Another solid one.


Tenille Dashwood defeated Allie Kat via kick to the skull after a distraction from Danny Adams/Jordynne Grace.

Another solid contest. Heel Allie is my jam and the fact that Tenille is not on my TV every week is a GD travesty. Fun contest.


Danhausen defeated Effy with a huge DDT onto loose human teeth…

This was character driven yes, but still brought the goods in the ring. Both these dudes have it figured the hell out man. Fun times. The jars of teeth were legit fucked up though.


Blood Diamond defeated Hysteria, Flop and Flyballs and Space Pirates to defend the BLP Tag Team Championships.

Yep, this was an indie wrestling 4-way tag. Everyone was getting their shit in and having fun. Not a bad thing but not nearly the intensity of VIF vs WHH from earlier. Still good though, just in a different way.


Kobe Durst defeated Ethan Page to retain the BLP Championship in a Last Man Standind Match after interference  from Josh Bishop. 

Hell of a brawl between these dudes and a fitting end to a great night of action. I like both these guys though so I was predisposed to liking this before it started. Both of these athletes deserve all the credit you can give them. It was good stuff man. I wish they thought of a different ending, concrete blocks don’t weigh shit, but it was still really good right until then.


Overall Thoughts: Loved this shit. BLP and Indie Wrestling delivered on this show. When the replay drops you need to check it out. Nothing bad all night and a show full of hard work and fun matches. It’s a good one.


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