Friday night our old friend BPIV has earned himself an excellent opportunity to prove himself.

At Paradigm Pro Wrestling’s “Summer on Lock”the ACE of PPW will take on one of the greatest technical wrestlers on this planet…Jonathan Gresham. We got with Bradley to get his thoughts on this contest.


1: You have been one of the constants in Paradigm since essentially the beginning. How did it feel last month to officially gain the title of the “Ace”?

Feels great. I’ve been with PPW through the good the bad and ugly, month after month getting better and gaining wins so I think it was well deserved.


2. You have earned everything you have gotten in this company, now it has gained you maybe the biggest challenge of your career… Jonathan Gresham. How does it feel to be taking on someone with the pedigree of the Octopus?

It feels great. I’m the closest thing to a home grown talent PPW has. I’ve been there since almost the beginning. I started out not even lasting a minute in the ring to now going toe to toe with one of the best in the world!


3: If you are able to pull of what “some” would call a tremendous upset on the 26th do you think that should immediately elevate you into the PPW Championship picture?

Of course it should! I have been stacking up wins like crazy, the only person to beat me recently is the potential psychopath that is Matt Justice! He is the only person who has been able to beat me.


4: I have to ask, IF you do come up short Friday how would that affect you mentally going forward in Paradigm?

Aye man you either drink to remember or drink to forget!


5: Lastly, is there anything you want to say to Mr. Gresham or any of the fans doubting you going into “Summer on Lock”?

I plan on drinking less beer pulling out some crazy moves because I’m putting it all on the line and best believe this will prove my worth for this company!


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You can see this match at Fridays Paradigm Pro Wrestling “Summer on Lock”. All the info you need for the event you can get on the poster above or follow Paradigm in these spots

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