October 26, 2008

Phoenix, Arizona

Commentators: (Raw) Michael Cole and King, (Smackdown) JR and Tazz, (ECW) Todd Grisham and Matt Striker

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  • Todd is back as our party host.


Stipulation: Fans choose the match type.

Options: No Holds Barred 39%, Falls Count Anywhere 35% and 2 out of 3 falls 26%

(RAW) Rey Mysterio vs Kane

This would be the second time each man opened Cyber Sunday. Original ideas abound. Since it was a No Holds Barred match I kept hoping Hulk Hogan would show up in a Rip’em shirt but to no avail. This was a pretty good big and little man match that got the crowd into it early. We are off to a way better start than the 2007 version.

Winner: Rey gets the pin after a 619 and a splash.


  • The ladies are in costume again this year, with Michelle McCool completely redeeming her crappy costume from last year by being a hot military chick. I approve of this change.
  • Katie Lee is a vampire.
  • Lena Yada is a lame ass ninja.
  • Candice saves this segment with a Marilyn Monroe outfit.


  • Jericho tries to talk Cody, Ted and Manu into doing his dirty work…didn’t happen.


  • Todd introduces Teddy Long and Tiffany (DAMN) for the next match.


Stipulation: Fans pick the opponent.

Choices: Evan Bourne 69%, Finlay 25% and Mark Henry 6%

ECW Championship: (C) Matt Hardy vs Evan Bourne

It’s really too bad about the Wellness issues with Bourne, because it’s obvious they had some sort of plans for him. This was a solid well told story of the veteran Hardy dominating as long as he could keep Bourne grounded. Matt got to use his rarely seen power game and they put together a good match. So far we are 2 for 2 and this show is moving right along. Quick side note, as poor Mark Henry keeps getting killed in these votes in landslides. Maybe if they had another year he would have made it. These guys did a hell of a job though and we got the respect handshake afterwards.

Winner: Matt gets the pin of a Twist of Fate.


  • Beth Phoenix Warrior Princess… moving along.
  • Jillian looks better as Batgirl this year.
  • Maria as a bunny…a very pretty bunny.
  • Kelly in a sailor suit…a small one.


  • Todd announces the next match.


Stipulation: Fans choose participants.

Choices: Cryme Tyme vs Miz and Morrison 38%,

CM Punk (on damn poster but still not making the show) and Kofi Kingston vs Rhodes and Dibiase 35%

Mickie James and Jamie Noble vs Layla and William Regal 27%

Cryme Tyme vs Miz and Morrison

After a few years of retrospect and reflection, I can honestly say that the Cryme Tyme gimmick is still racist. This feud was built through their respective WWE.com shows and turned into a moderately OK tag match here. Miz is throwing me off with his ridiculous look at this point. Morrison always looked like the star of the two and it just didn’t turn out that way. Cryme Tyme sucked unfortunately. Match turned out fine but not much more.

Winner: Morrison picks up the pin for his team after a Midnight Run.


  • Tiffany as the hottest nun I’ve ever seen (non-Whoopi Goldberg division)
  • Brie does Cleopatra justice.
  • Natalya as a naughty cat loving cop.
  • Eve as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle leaves me with mixed feelings.


  • Todd announces Big Show and Undertaker voting stipulations.


  • Jericho keeps looking for help, this time in the form of Khali. Still getting a nope.


  • Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella is out with Beth by his side to discuss the Honk-A-Meter. After calling Shaquille O’Neal a has been (Shazaam O’Neal) he announces that after only one more week (and a year) he will be the greatest IC Champion ever.


  • Todd announces the options.


Stipulation: Fans choose the opponent.

Options: Honky Tonk Man 35%, Rowdy Roddy Piper 34% and Super fat Goldust 31%

Intercontinental Championship (RAW): (C) Santino Marella with Beth Phoenix vs the Honky Tonk Man

This match delivered what was promised and that is a fun waste of a few minutes. If you go into a Honky match expecting Flair vs Steamboat you would be disappointed. The ending was cheap but I’m not sure Honky winning the belt at this stage of the game was a good idea to begin with. After the match Goldust looking as heavy as I’ve ever seen him waddles down to the ring to attack Santino. Piper comes down to get in on the act before Honky gets to hit the Shake, Rattle and Roll to make the crowd happy.

Winner: Honky wins by DQ after Beth pulls his leg.


  • WrestleMania 25 promo.


  • Maryse dressed as a French maid makes me believe that god is a woman.
  • Layla pulls off a nice Princess Leia imitation.
  • Victoria as a giant banana reminds us that it is in fact peanut butter/jelly time.
  • Mickie as Laura Croft makes me want to thank the female god that was previously mentioned.


  • Recap of the Undertaker vs Big Show feud.


  • Todd introduces Vickie in a wheel chair being pushed by Chavo Guerrero. Vickie is in full heel mode this year and is clearly more comfortable on camera. She is out to witness the destruction of the Undertaker.


Stipulation: Fans choose the match type.

Options: Last Man Standing 49%, I Quit 42% and Knock Out 9%

(SmackDown) Undertaker vs Big Show

They weren’t out there moving quickly but when they were hitting they were hitting hard. Even though we have seen this particular matchup a few times before, this had a fresh and big match feel to it. Big Show in particular seemed more dangerous with the Weapon of Mass Destruction punch as a finisher. A giant should be able to knock people out. Undertaker was still in the part of his career where he could bring the pain when he wanted to. This was a solid hard hitting battle between two behemoths.

Winner: Undertaker beats the 10 count to pull off the victory.


  • Vickie does not seem happy with the match result.


  • Jericho tries to talk sense into Mike Adamle until he gets a text.


  • Tazz is in the ring to introduce all the ladies and announce the winner of the costume contest.  I would say it was either Tiffany or Maryse but my libido and the crowd accept Mickie in her Laura Croft costume as champion of hotness for the night. The heels attack and the faces clear the ring.


  • Promo for the WWE Championship match.
  • Todd introduces the next fan choice.


Stipulation: Fans choose the opponent.

Options: Jeff Hardy 57%, Triple Threat 38% or Koslov 5%

WWE Championship (SmackDown): (C) HHH vs Jeff Hardy

At 5% apparently the crowd wanted no part of seeing Koslov go over 10 minutes on PPV. Smart choice by the crowd I’d say and I actually like him. This was a solid match that had Jeff Hardy taking risks to try and take control while HHH sought to keep him grounded and out wrestle him. They would have better matches in the future but this was a good showing of HHH being able to reign in some of Jeff’s flippy floppy habits. Jeff had the match won, but decided to take one high risk too many and that cost him the Championship. Good stuff.

Winner: HHH gets the pin after a mega hard Pedigree.

  • HHH gives him the respect nod after the match.


  • Batista and Jericho recap.


Stipulation: Fans choose the Special referee.

Options: Stone Cold 74%, Shawn Michaels 22% and Randy Orton 4%

World Heavyweight Championship (RAW): Batista vs (C) Chris Jericho

Shawn Michaels is one of the most beloved performers in WWE history and was involved in a blood feud with Jericho in which Jericho punched his wife in the mouth. The crowd still overwhelmingly chose Stone Cold…I’d say he was pretty popular. For the second year in a row Austin was the referee for a Batista Championship main event. This was a hell of a match with Batista dominating early. Austin got a little more hands on this year in keeping Jericho from cheating. Stone Cold ends up getting bumped by big Dave and then the shenanigans start. Jericho hit the Code Breaker only to be slow counted by back up referee Shawn Michaels. JBL makes an appearance to take out HBK then leaves the area. Austin recovers only to be attacked by Randy Orton which earns him a Stunner. One spine buster and Batista Bomb later and Batista became a 4 time Champion.

Winner: Batista after shenanigans and the Batista Bomb.



Overall Thoughts: This was my favorite of the Cyber Sunday shows. The highs were high and the lows weren’t all that low. They kept the stuff that they knew wouldn’t work to a minimum and ended the show with the crowd going home happy. Fun times.


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