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Memphis, TN

Commentator: Dave Brown


  • Eddie Marlin (who is currently in poor health) is out first. Eddie Gilbert (shockingly) left the territory so the Southern Belt will be up for grabs in a tournament. How good would Eddie have been had he just got along with someone like ever?


  • After a break we get a recap of the Fabulous Ones w/Jim Cornette returning and winning the “World” tag belts from Dirty White Boy and Doug Gilbert. Stan Lane’s kick to win the belts was nearly as bad as the celebration dance done by Steve Keirn. Bless these dudes.


Non-Title: Bill Rush/Sgt. OReilly vs (C) Fabulous Ones w/Jim Cornette

Jim wants Dave to stay near the phone for Jackie Fargo to call later and then begins to talk enormous shit to the jobbers. I want to point out Dave Brown is calling the show by himself long before Joey Styles acted like he was the first to do it. The Sarge takes a beating from both guys before they take mercy and toss him over to Bill for the tag. I do not suspect these dudes will upset the champs. Rush looks like someone shrunk Eddie Gilbert and dumped Just for Men in his beard. He didn’t do so well either but luckily Stan was nice enough to let him tag out as well. Stan’s worked karate always cracks me up. Keirn knocks Sarge loopy to end the slaughter.

Winner: The Fabs get the win after a forearm by Keirns to Sarge.

  • The King arrives while The Fabs are still celebrating. Cornette says they are glad to be here and will have the King’s back. Cut to .09 seconds later and a racket shot/attack from the champs. They do a spike piledriver on the floor which is a death sentence in Memphis. The babyfaces drag Lawler off so Jimmy can talk. They turned on Lawler for a $50,000 bounty. They also are the reason Eddie Gilbert is gone for the same reason (although they claim Eddie was scared and bailed to avoid the beating because they are awesome scumbags). Jimmy then calls to collect the bounty but Eddie Marlin returns and states Lawler wants to take on the Fabs. Cornette is such a great asshole here. Dave selling this angle with such disgust makes it 10x better. That dude is so underrated as an announcer it’s sickening.


  • Downtown Bruno is over bothering Dave.


Terry (Terrance) Garvin w/Downtown Bruno vs Freezer Thompson

Terry looks like the less talented version of Jimmy and Freezer is a biggun that I remember from when i was a kid. He got a little push at some point…but not here. Bruno stayed with Dave on commentary while his boy hit lousy elbows on Freezer. This was a pile of junk and that includes Bruno’s commentary.

Winner: Garvin got the win with a “Sleeping Beauty” which was just slamming a face to the mat. That was trash. 

  • Garvin cuts a promo after with the prerequisite 1991 Pete Rose Joke. Garvin looks like the lead singer for the Kentucky Headhunters got on the juice. He wants the Southern Heavyweight belt and he’s pretty.


  • All students get in to the Memphis Coliseum for $2.00 y’all. Dave then runs down the card until Eddie arrives to discuss the Southern Title tournament. He just states that the card will be 11 matches and Lawler chose Dundee to face the Fabs. Neat announcement if you speak gibberish. I remember this shit making more sense as a kid.


  • The Memphis Mafia (Doug Gilbert/Tony Anthony/Downtown Bruno) arrive to talk shit. They want their belts back. Eddie comes out again because apparently professionals didn’t run this thing.
  • Crap…Jerry Lawler had a hotline for $1.50 the first minute and $1 each additional minute. The 90’s were dumb as hell.


Michael Green vs “Nightmare” Danny Davis

Danny Davis is best known for OVW and personally is the first wrestler I ever got a picture taken with. Green also existed.  This was a battle of sweet…sweet mullets. Not much to this though. Danny controlled throughout.

Winner: Davis wins with a Hangman’s Noose Neckbreaker.

  • Danny speaks with Dave. They discus his upcoming fans are the lumberjack match a bit before his opponent Joey Magliano(?) comes to complain. It set up a fun angle but not a well remembered one obviously.


  • Apparently they were on early today due to the Dolphins/Bills playoff game. I’ll be damned. Also the Jerry Lawler show has a new time at 10:30. Holy shit, Memphis loved wrestling. They then run down some dates. Dave Brown is a GD legend.


8-Man Tag TV time remaining: Memphis Mafia (Doug Gilbert, Tony Anthony, Joey Magliano, Stan Lowe) w/Downtown Bruno vs New Kids (Brian and Tony)/Cody Michaels/Jerry Lynn

Jerry Lynn is still the man btw, although that hair is woof. Good tag work on the heel side to start us off. Jerry pins Sam with a sunset flip to end the first fall of what I would call “eh”.

  • Now we get a Jeff Jarrett music video. I wonder who’s dad owned this….

Brian gets in there with DWB and shows a little something. Dude, when he got on the juice he got twice as big. Cody Michaels gets in there looking like a Dollar Tree Ric Flair. Poor Dave is still having to carry the entire show by himself. I love this dude so much, especially since I have had to do it myself, not fun. The heels dominate until it erupts into a huge brawl between both teams. Magliano gets the second fall after a clothesline from Doug. This was mostly chaos.

  • Dave recaps everything because he rules. Then we get a Bill Dundee music video. Magic…ish.
  • The King arrives and talks all the shit about the Fabs. He was intense as hell and I’m sure Memphis bought everything he said. Then Dave gives us a farewell so I assume we aren’t getting a finale to that 8-man tag.


Overall Thoughts: It sure advanced storylines and told me what I had missed. I hope this will continue to be a thing on the website because it went fast and I enjoyed it.


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