We were lucky enough to talk to the Suntanned Southern Man about the DESTRUCTOpro show this weekend and the open challenge he decided to put out there.


1: First off… what was the name of that horse Double J gave you?

Steve “Horseo” McMichael!


2: On to business. Last month’s show did NOT go the way you had hoped and you took a Deal from Adam Slade off the second. Do you feel that by using his biggest move in that capacity proved that he was intimidated by your skill and ability?

Clearly Adam Slade had to sit out with his superplex because he knew he didn’t have the Bob Orton power to deliver a regular superplex. He tried to bury a shovel boy and I don’t appreciate that.


3: You are obviously a learned southern gentleman. Do you feel it’s a good idea to issue an open challenge like you have? There are a lot of crazy folks running around that DESTRUCTO locker room.

You make a good point. I’m gonna make it a point if you want to answer my challenge you must not have owned a EBT card and you will get blood tested the night of. Can’t have that Hoosier/Louisville stank.


4: If you did get to choose your own opponent for Saturday night, who at DESTRUCTO would you like it to be? Or do you even care?

Juvy or Psychosis. Only because I can bury them in this mild sauce garbage and show off my new Country Lucha or as I call it Cucha!


5: Finally, what can the fans expect from you Saturday and on future DESTRUCTO shows?

They can expect sweet entrance themes, plenty of people buried, and the soul of Eddie Gilbert in my body!


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Also, we will see you at DESTRUCTO this weekend. 

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