As of this point there has been no official confirmation on any actual issues with the show but there are several local news outlets covering this. 


Here is the link to the article from the Louisville Courier Journal. At this point they are suggesting people who attended the event get tested as a precaution. There are numerous other news sites covering this right now.


Event promoter John Glenn (AKA. JC Rotten) released this statement on the article.

“I want to release a statement letting everyone know that all of our guys are tested before they perform for us. I know this is gonna be all over the place and yes I’ve seen the article,I understand people are upset but all of our talent is clean.”


Any further updates will be reported as they come. Like I said, as of this point there has been no confirmation on HIV/HEP C being reported.


*UPDATE* As of a few moments ago the next Trainwreck show in Indiana was deleted from Facebook. Once again without any proof this was probably done as a precaution. If we get ANY updates they will be posted.

*UPDATE 2* Another statement from the promoters of the show…

“This is our final statement!

The health department has been contacted and nobody is HEP C or HIV positive,it’s just a precaution for blood being around in a public setting.”


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