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RAW Women’s Championship: (C) Becky Lynch vs Lacey Evans

Having Becky out to kick off the PPV proper was a good idea was a great idea because she IS still over but…then the match started. I’m not the first to point out some of the obvious botches and it’s almost ridiculous to harp on them. I did think this got better towards the ending but not enough to save it really. Lacey is NOT ready for the spot that she has been gifted no matter what WWE thinks. The Women’s division could still be great if they gave it a shot.

Winner: Becky with the Disarmher.


  • Ali is taking back the streets y’all.
  • Heyman is in the building. Will he be the ref????? No.


Sami Zayn/Kevin Owens vs The New Day

This was a bad ass little tag match. Everyone played their roles perfectly. Woods took his beating like a man. Big E should be WWE Champ and KO/Sami are magnificent bastards. The fact that Sami and KO came in with a game plan and didn’t look like complete chumps really helped the feel and flow of the match. New Day can afford to take some L’s and this was good enough where everyone looked great regardless.

Winner: KO/Sami via the Stunner.


  • Alexa and Nikki Cross discuss the evenings plan.


US Championship: (C) Samoa Joe vs Ricochet

This could have been an all timer had they just gave them 25 minutes and let them go. As it was it was a really solid match and showed that both men could work with what WWE gives them. Joe continues to be underutilized but at this point I’m happy he gets title reigns at all. Ricochet has a loooong time left to be the new Rey Mysterio of WWE and I think this was their first step in accomplishing that goal. No complaints on this other than wanting more.

Winner: Ric via the 630.


  • Ricochet gets congrats backstage.


Smackdown Tag Team Championships: (C) Daniel Bryan/Erick Rowan vs Heavy Machinery

I thought this was fine. Obviously it would have been a better moment had they just leaned into the crowd chanting their asses off for everything Bryan did instead of just having a regular match. That is a bigger problem with WWE overall. They used to kind of take the city into account when Punk went to Chicago but other than that in the last decade they just run the same match in spite of what the crowd might do. Like I said it was fine but it was a missed chance for a moment and will be forgotten by Friday.

Winner: Champs kept the belt with a small package.


  • Extreme Rules is coming.


Smackdown Women’s Championship: (C) Bayley vs Alexa Bliss w/Nikki Cross

This wasn’t a barn burner or anything but was better than the first women’s match just based on both athletes not being incompetent. Alexa I feel is improving since her return from injury and Bayley is finding her groove as a character again. They also aren’t Lacey so that helps as well. Solid but unmemorable.

Winner: Bayley retained with a Bayley to Belly.


  • Gold Bond huh? Cool.
  • Recap of our 24/7 Title situation.
  • We set up Ricochet vs Styles for Raw. I’m all for a Club reunion to be honest.


Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre w/Shane McMahon

How did they fuck up Roman Reigns so badly twice? This guy should be carried to the ring on the back of the fans and yet here we are. I’ll say it again, solid but unmemorable. This is one of those deals where I have to agree with the other folks on the internet and place the blame squarely on the 75 writers of these shows. Can you imagine Dusty screwing up Roman as a booker? Hell, even Nick Gulas could have made this man a hero. I won’t even discuss how sad they have made Drew. Ugh.

Winner: Roman with a spear.


  • Drew finally won the Cruiserweight Championship on the pre-show.


WWE Championship/Steel Cage: (C) Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler

I’m not sure how many times I can say something was fine without making it sound boring. Kofi’s popularity is dying by the minute and putting him in their with a beyond heatless essentially retired guy has done absolutely NOTHING to help him gain any type of momentum for his title reign. Just have Brock kill the bastard and get it over with.

Winner: Kofi by diving through the cage door.


  • Drew/Shane vs Roman on Raw and as we have all seen by now this will never be over. In any sense of the word.


Universal Championship/Special Ref Lacey Evans: (C) Seth Rollins vs Baron Corbin

If you called the ending of this match as soon as Lacey walked through the curtain congrats for having a higher education level than the people that wrote it. Seth Rollins deserves better for his reign than this. It’s almost as if they are sabotaging both their champions for some reason. The match was better than it had any right to be due to Seth but the fact that it shouldn’t have happened at all is the bigger problem. Corbin’s character is death right now and should not be near a title shot until they rebuild him.

Winner: Seth retained with the stomp after Becky saved her dude.


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Overall Thoughts: This thing had some moments that were really good but nothing on the show stood out as anything you will remember for a week. The only BAD match was the opener and I have seen waaaaaay worse than that. So well will call this an “eh” show and hope Extreme Rules is better. Lord help us all.


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