Another week and another batch of craziness.


  • It started out with a promo from Freddie Hudson calling out Grindhouse Champion ZDP to once again put his title on the line. ZDP declined the offer. Big D came out to make peace, that failed. Then Loki Havik (I spelled it right this time you baby.) arrived and a tag match was set up for the main event. ZDP didn’t seem super into the idea.


Amazing Maria defeated Alice Crowley after a distraction from Billie Starkz.


Gnarls Garvin w/Bad Dude Gang defeated Chet Love after a Gnarls Driver.


The Mama’s Boiz and the Purge ended in a Double DQ after the ref lost control.


JMO and Deonta Davis defeated the Corporate Goons.


Billie Starkz defeated Lilly Lockheart with a Sister Abigail. Alice Crowley tried to return the distraction favor but it didn’t work out.


Ace Jackson defeated Dawson with a Crimson Thunder Bomb. After the match Ace tried to explain his actions against Rudo La Motta from the previous week. He felt his trainer was holding him back and didn’t have his back. Rudo arrived and tried to mend fences with a handshake that wasn’t taken.


Rudo La Motta defeated Apollo Garvin w/Bad Dude Gang via DQ when the BDG couldn’t stay out of the action. Ace Jackson arrived and ran off the BDG but once again refused the handshake from Rudo.


ZDP and Loki Havik defeated Freddie Hudson and Big D after a belt shot from the champion.


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