August 28, 1986

Toronto, Ontario Canada

Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon, Johnny V and Ernie Ladd



Hoss (Dory Jr.) and Jimmy Jack Funk w/ Jimmy Hart vs The Killer Bees 

If you have seen a 1980’s WWE tag match then you know what you got here. It was fine and the crowd helped a little, but in no way did you think you were witnessing anything special. Dory was one of the most technically gifted wrestlers of all time but a black hole of charisma, and Jimmy Jack was a bootleg Terry. Meanwhile the Bees were some cheating bastards. The WWE not knowing how to book babyfaces is not a new thing folks. Crowd looked massive though.

Winner: The Bees get the win with a small package after some masked shenanigans.


King Tonga (Haku) vs Magnificent Muraco with Mr. Fuji

This was a solid match up that was only really noteworthy because Haku was an odd guy to have as a babyface. I honestly can’t believe anyone hurting his tough ass. Muraco as always, was an awesome scumbag, especially when Fuji is cheating his ass off for him. Nothing to write home about with this one, but not actively terrible or anything.

Winner: Time limit draw.


Ted Arcidi vs Tony Garea

Remember how I said the last match wasn’t actively terrible? The reason is probably because Ted Arcidi wasn’t in it. Poor Garea made a go of it but the power of suck that Ted had was too great to overcome. The guy was so big he was practically immobile. This isn’t a match that I would have on an event of this magnitude. At least it was short.

Winner: Arcidi gets the win with a bear hug.


  • Gene Okerlund interviews Jimmy Hart briefly about the upcoming Junkyard Dog vs Adrian Adonis match. Not much is said other than Jimmy hates the Dog.


Adrian Adonis w/ Jimmy Hart vs Junkyard Dog

Adrian was…um…not in the best of shape for this show. JYD cheated his ass off for most of this match, up to and including assaulting the official. The worst thing he did though was making me listen to “Grab Them Cakes” again, as I will never get that song out of my head. Adonis’s bumping made this watchable.

Winner: The Dog won by count out after Jimmy and Adrian collided, although he was literally only out of the ring like 5 seconds. The refs sucked this entire show.


“Iron” Mike Sharpe vs “The Rebel” Dick Slater

I would pay money to watch Vince try to get “The Rebel” over as a babyface character in 2019. Slater is a fine wrestler, but this match was a bowl of junk. The highlight of the match, and maybe the show, was Gorilla calling a Side Russian Leg Sweep a reverse neck breaker. Ernie Ladd, without missing a beat and with all the disgust a person can muster, just said “that’s a leg sweep” and cracked me the hell up with his delivery. The match? Oh, it sucked.

Winner: Slater got the win after a roll up following a big elbow.


  • Gene with the Brain discussing both the upcoming 6-man tag and the main event. Brain even gets 70,000+ to call him a weasel via the power of the promo. This guy was amazing.


The Machines (Big, Super) and Captain Lou w/ Giant Machine vs King Kong Bundy, Big John Studd and Bobby Heenan

This was a really fun match and the Machines angle in general was awesome. Bobby kept sending his biggest guys after the Machines to unmask the Giant  because he thought, for some crazy reason that Giant Machine was the suspended Andre. Sadly for the Brain that particular mystery wasn’t solved before this. Match wise, it was a lot of big dudes kinda selling for each other… but not really. The only bumps taken were by the always amazing Heenan. Fun match that had the crowd rocking. Bobby was the man and I’m sad he’s gone.

Winner: The Heenan family got the DQ win after Giant Machine came in and murdered everyone.


Snake Pit, No DQ: Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Good match that had the Dragon doing his best to get revenge on a very Wade Garrett (of Roadhouse fame) looking Jake. Jake had control and even busted the Dragon open at one point. Another match tonight that had the crowd going wild for the action. Steamer was as always, awesome, and Jake wasn’t far behind. Great job by both guys.

Winner: Ricky got the pin after a sunset flip.


Billy Jack Haynes vs Hercules Hernandez

Hercules was one pair of fuzzy boots away from being full on Bruiser Brody cosplay. These guys were way too similar, and the match way too slow for my taste. Both men are powerhouses and were obviously working hard but they bored me to tears out there. You win some and you lose some.

Winner: Billy got the victory with a back slide.


The Rougeau Brothers (Jacque and Raymond) vs The Dream Team (Valentine and Beefcake)

When any of the Rougeaus were in there with Valentine this was a perfectly acceptable tag match. They all knew how to work the crowd and keep the match moving along at a decent pace. Then we had the portions with Beefcake, the poor bastard still could not work a lick. He really brought the quality of this down a lot. Decent showing from the other three guys made this watchable but with anyone else (not named Arcidi) it would have been better.

Winner: Ray gets Valentine with a sunset flip. He was not the legal man, these officials suuuucked.


Pedro Morales vs “Handsome” Harley Race

Welcome to the hottest and most anticipated match of 1973! I love Harley but have never been a fan of Pedro. That being said, neither guy was going to impress anyone on this night. There were a lot of punches and headbutts and little else. I’d avoid it unless you are either big into 1970’s wrestling or a sadist.

Winner: Harley got the win with a double leg roll up with his feet on the ropes.


WWE Championship: (C) Hulk Hogan vs “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff w/ Bobby Heenan

If you ever wonder why Hogan is a legend in this business just take a look at the crowd response to this match. Even in an outdoor arena that usually eats crowd noise, the place was deafening for all of this. The Orndorff angle was one of the best of the 80’s if not of all time, and both men worked their asses off to close out, what up to that point, was the biggest show in WWE history. They succeeded brilliantly in pulling it off. Good match and a awesome main event, even with the bullshit finish.

Winner: Hogan gets the DQ win after Heenan hits him with a stool.


Overall Thoughts: If you have never seen this show take a look at it. As a wrestling fan this is one of those things that you need to see once in your life just to see the magnitude of Hogans popularity in the 1980’s. Wrestling wise this was nothing special but as an event it was pretty good.


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