All the results from a great debut show…

  • Jason Saint welcomed us to the show. Richard Sharkey arrived to ruin that and we all learned that he was not Majority (53.2%) owner Benji Lee Tegan. The real BLT introduced us to his Melee match and came across like an entitled douche.

Levi Everett won the Melee match over Rich Dulmage, Akira, Wade Kastle, Alexander s. Kirk and Trash Bradley. Levi won a DESTRUCTO contract from BLT (after being targeted by him before the match.). The match was as crazy as you would expect.


Duke the Nuke w/Dude Baddington defeated Miles Morales. Miles gave it all he had but in the end Duke was too much. Duke also was in an altercation with fans before the match and security after.


  • There was supposed to be a Triple Threat match with Clayton Gainz vs Adam Slade and ATM but Tony Dynamite convinced Clayton he could get him a bigger payday so he bailed.


Adam Slade defeated Austin Tyler Morris after a Super Deal. Heck of a match once it got going.


Ace Perry defeated Corey Storm in what a lot of people called match of the night. I wouldn’t argue very strenuously against it. Good stuff. The ending was a bit odd… ring announcer Nikki Campbell got up on the apron to protest what appeared to be a Corey Storm victory when she was knocked from the apron and appearing to hurt her ankle. After Ace picked up the opportunistic win she was suddenly fine. For the rest of the night the crowd was ON that woman.


  • There was an unfortunate issue with Wade Kastle in which he was removed by security and spit on Jason Saint. Kastle may be gone from DESTRUCTO now…


Bristol Hayle defeated Alice Crowley after a distraction from notorious piece of crap Richard Sharkey. After the loss Ian Rotten of IWA Mid-South arrived and added Alice to the 2019 Ted Petty Invitational.


Odd Squad defeated Lethal Injection.


  • The scheduled Saint’s Row with Levi Everett was ruined by BLT. It did however lead to an Iron Demon appearance and an open challenge.


Shane Mercer w/Jason Saint defeated Clayton Gainz w/Tony Dynamite. It was a good brawl that went all over the arena that saw both Gainz and Dynamite take Moonsault and Battery. Tony Dynamite may be legally dead. After that contest Ian Rotten again added another name to the TPI2K19 by offering Shane a spot.


In the main event of the evening Anthony Toatele defeated Curt Stallion in what may have been my favorite contest. Just a good solid hard hitting match. After Anthony got the victory a masked assailant arrived and attacked him to steal his moment. That attacker turned out to be Tripp Cassidy. His first appearance in the company made a huge statement to be sure. Curt showed Anthony respect after both men came to their feet.


Overall it was a really fun show with a unique atmosphere that has to be felt live. DESTRUCTO returns July 6th.


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