It’s our 125th edition of 5 Questions! To be honest I never thought one of them would be a homeless guy and yet here we are. We were lucky enough to get to talk to Trash before his big debut with DESTRUCTOpro. We also talked to him behind a Shoney’s near a dumpster… this job is not always glamorous. 

Photo Credit: Sean Lawerence


1: Is there a particular person you patterned your in ring style after?

My first ever Tag Partner was Jon Murray. We were the high fiving fat guys. Jon made me fall in love with comedy wrestling. Jon Murray, always entertains and That’s what I enjoy doing entertaining. After that it was just figuring out how to make comedy work for me and tweak it and make it my own. I consider myself a comedy/brawler.


2: If you can pick a favorite, what is your all time favorite match that you’ve been apart of?

Honestly, I just try and have a fun and entertaining match anytime I am in the ring. I have had a series of like 7 matches with Adam Rohrgeous, who is Trash Bradley’s forever nemesis. So if I have to pick a favorite. Any with him.


3: Are you ready for the big Destructopro debut Friday?

I have eaten 234 raw hot dogs and not bathed for a record setting 498 days. My belly is full of hot dogs and Pit City is just about Ripe to perfection. Trash Bradley is coming to Stink up the Arena and Destructo Pro, I hope those guys in the melee have strong stomachs cause Trash Bradley Stink is an acquired Taste.


4: Is there an opponent out there that you haven’t locked up with yet that’s on your radar?

I have a mini dream list of a few local guys I work with at places as well as some long shot dream matches. Christian Noir out of Pennsylvania is a weird and creepy dude and that’s kinda my thing so I feel we could put on a very entertaining match. I am very eager to take every one of those dudes in the MELEE this Friday to Pit City, Wade Kastle and I have crossed paths but have never actually gotten Physical but Friday that changes. As far as pipe dreams, My current king of comedy wrestling and dream match would be Orange Cassidy, don’t know him? LOOK HIM UP!


5: What can the fans expect from you for the rest of 2019?

The Homeless Hero has a pretty exciting Summer coming up. Debuts for three companies in Indiana, As well as a show at the huge animecon in Columbus, Ohio Matsuricon with POSER WRESTLING. I am all over social media. And I am fairly active with videos and clips. I am always available for interviews, blogs, podcasts and public storytelling. Trash Bradley on all forms of social media.


I want to thank Trash for taking the time to talk to is. For bookings hit him up below and for everything else hit up those links above.


That’s all folks. Thanks for reading.


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