Another fun interview for you. Mike is one of those guys that I feel is underappreciated and whose name should be out there more. We were lucky enough to get to speak to him today.

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1: Is there a particular person you patterned your in ring style after?

I would say that Kane would be the person I’m most styled after if I had to say anyone. I know he isn’t the first person you’d think of when you decide to imitate, but he has always been one of my favorites. He is a big man who not only shows the strength that you’d expect, but also shows the athleticism that you wouldn’t expect to see. I feel that I am similar in many ways to him and the way that he works.


2: If you can pick a favorite, what is your all time favorite match that you’ve been apart of?

Wow, you are talking many years to choose from, but one sticks out to me in particular. Summer of 2018 I was asked to take part in an outdoor college show at Hanover College with Supreme Wrestling. Kris Kaliber and I had a very hard hitting and physical match that went over very well, may have been the most over match that day, but that isn’t for me to say. LoL. But working in front of 400 college student (some drunk) during frat week was amazing, and to work someone who of that caliber, no pun intended, who has garnered that level of respect in the business is a match that I remember fondly.


3: If you could work for any promotion in wrestling history, what would it be?

I know most people would say the WWE here, but if I could work with any promotion, I’d like to work with, it would be Ring of Honor. No disrespect to the WWE, but working with the level of talent there would be a dream for me.


4: Is there an opponent out there that you haven’t locked up with yet that’s on your radar?

So many. . . . . There are just so many that I would love to work with. Can you look at the talent out there and there not be someone you’d want to work with? LoL. I’m in my mid to late thirties, which in wrestling years, is fairly seasoned to say it lightly. There are several young guys I’d like to lock up with, you know, to show them that I can still keep up with the business, LoL. But off the top of my head, I would say Kongo Kong or Shane Mercer would be a couple guys I would like to lock up with at some point before I’m done. They are an example of what is being done right in wrestling today. Kong is powerful, but is hugely athletic and why Shane Mercer hasn’t been picked up by one of the majors yet is beyond me.


5: What can the fans expect from you for the rest of 2019?

I am one of the many, I’m sorry to say, that I took for granted my younger years in the business and haven’t really came into my own until the last couple years. I have always been respected and worked well, but I did so in a smaller area. I have been expanding out and this year is no exception. I am working outside my comfort zone and working in more areas then I ever have before. I took two trips to the Monster Factory last year and it really opened my eyes. I feel I am one of the better talents in the area, but am mostly unknown. I look to make myself known, and really make a good run my last few years, and it starts now.


Thanks for the time Mike.


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