October 24, 2009

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Commentators: Michael Cole and The King from RAW and Todd Grisham from Smackdown


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United States Champion The Miz (RAW) vs Intercontinental Champion John Morrison (Smackdown)

This was a battle of former tag champs  in a match that would be way better if it happened today. Both men were still working out the kinks in their singles personas and had some growing to do. If they had it now both the build and the match would be a much more entertaining affair. As it stood it was just a basic back and forth TV quality match.

Winner: Miz pinned Morrison after a botched Starship Pain.

RAW is up 1-0


  • We get a recap of Smackdown picking their team. Truly riveting stuff.
  • Cody and R-Truth talk trash until the Big Show turns up. I miss Cody on WWE.


6-Divas Tag Bragging Rights: (Smackdown)  Women’s Champion Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix and Natalya vs (RAW)  Divas Champion Melina, Kelly Kelly and Gail Kim

If this contest proved anything it’s that Kelly was awesome at clothes and terrible at wrestling. They had some talent in this match, but if you are given no time to work with it doesn’t matter. That was the case here. We were still a long way from the Women’s Revolution in WWE so they got the scraps as far as PPV time went.

Winner: Beth pinned Melina with an Implant Buster.

RAW and Smackdown are even at 1-1.


  • DX rallies the troops backstage in full on “shilling of merchandise”  mode and get in a funny bit about how the entire team hates them. Also they exposed Kofi as not Jamaican. Kofi as always was underrated. Glad he finally got his due.


(Smackdown) Fatal 4-way for the World Heavyweight Championship: (C) The Undertaker vs Batista vs CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio

This was a short fun little match with everyone doing what they did best. Kinda sad that they had to do it so early on in the card, all four guys deserved a bigger stage. Undertaker and Batista looked like bad asses, Punk was an asshole and Rey flew around. The ending was awesome as Rey kept Batista from winning the title a few times and set up the post-match interview. I’ll honestly say the next bit was one of the better things they put on in the 2000’s.

Winner: Taker pinned Batista with the Tombstone.

  • Josh Matthews interviews Rey and Batista after the match. Mysterio gives the usual rah rah good guy stuff. Batista blamed Rey and then said “I’m going to rip your head off” and then murdered Rey. Rey begging didn’t help at all. Heel Batista ruled. He absolutely killed Rey and became a much bigger star in the process. Brilliant old school shit that will never go out of style.


  • Please don’t try this at home.
  • Tale of the tape RAW 2,064lbs and 59 titles while Smackdown was 1,691lbs and 58 titles.


14-man Tag Bragging Rights: (RAW) Co-Captains DX (Triple H and Shawn Michaels), Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, The Big Show, Cody Rhodes and Mark Henry vs (Smackdown) Co-Captains Chris Jericho and Kane, Tyson Kidd, DH Smith, R- Truth, Matt Hardy and Finlay

This of course is the battle for brand supremacy that literally no one outside of Stamford, Connecticut was looking for. The match was just OK, but had a really fun ending with everyone going crazy and Big Show turning on RAW. They always seemed to give Smackdown wins that didn’t matter and then give all the good resources to RAW. Smackdown wins the prestigious trophy and Bragging Rights for an entire year…or two weeks whatever came first. I’m sure you will be telling your grand kids about it.

Winner: Jericho pinned Kofi after a Big Show chokeslam.


  • Smackdown vs RAW 2010 promo with Kelly in a towel needing help scrubbing her back. Kofi is quick to help since he isn’t an idiot. Lucky bastard.


WWE Championship/Iron Man No Holds Barred: (C) Randy Orton vs John Cena

Match of the night in a walk but it was far from perfect. Plenty of ridiculous questions were brought up in the psychology and never answered. Super cardio man Cena being exhausted in 25:00? Cena could run around the world and back and still have enough energy to suplex Big Show to the sun. Why was Orton trying to murder him with pyro? I’m pretty sure that even in WWE if you kill someone you get jail time, not a belt. They threw everything they could at this match to make it a classic for this “Final Encounter” but it just turned out to be a good, not great, situation. Still both guys worked hard for an hour which is still not an easy task, and it’s fun to think when Cena was only a 7 time champion.

Winner: Orton taps to the STF at 59:55 making Cena the NEW Champion 6-5!


Overall Thoughts: This show was a gimmick that needed a show and not a show that needed a gimmick so the build for it was junk. It wasn’t special but it wasn’t terrible either. It was just a PPV for the sake of PPV and that never really did it for me as a fan. If you need to watch something from this show, check out the two championship matches and just assume the rest was skippable…it was.


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