Another day and another big 5 Questions. Today we speak with EWE’s Jim Austin about some of his thoughts on his company and it’s future.

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1. You are one of the top dogs of EWE. Has the company lived up to all you have hoped for so far?

One? HA! I am the head honcho for EWE. They all answer to Jim Austin. It absolutely is living up to what we have dreamed of. We are looking forward to bigger and better from here on out.


2. What has been your personal favorite EWE event?

Sept 22, 2018 Retaliation In Memory of Kathy Ritchie.


3. You have used both but do you like the 4 or 6 sided ring better?

That’s a hard one since this is only our second show with the 6 sided ring. But I enjoy the Hexagon ring and it is something different in this area.


4. What has been your favorite EWE match so far?

That is a difficult question too. But it would have to be between two; the debut of The Immortal Title Winner The Josh Ritchie  and the  2 Tuff Tony vs Matt Atreya battle where 2 Tuff threw a flaming fist.


5. What can we expect from EWE for the rest of 2019?

Lots of new faces that haven’t been seen in this area. Tons of really talented wrestlers trying to help build something different and unique for this area. We are living the Dream!


A big thanks to Jim for taking the time to do this.

Coming up EWE dates:

June 15th “Prestige”,

July 13th “Don’t Tread On Us”,

Aug 17th “Believe In The Dream”,

Aug 31st “We Got Heat”

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That’s all folks. Thanks for reading.


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