Here is another guy that I feel is underappreciated and under valued. It is my absolute pleasure to have JMO as our next 5 Questions guest. 

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1: The big first question…do you miss being my commentary partner?

Absolutely had a blast working commentary with you. I’ve never in my life met someone so easy to make fun of. Hopefully we get to do it again in the near future.


2: Seriously though. You have had a ton of good ones. If you can pick one, what is your all time favorite match that you’ve been apart of?

My favorite match to be a part of is a hard question to answer. I enjoy what I do and love it every time I step into those ropes. Various matches for various reasons over the years I’ve had matches I’ve enjoyed. The one that stands out the most to me was for a Benefit show for a little lovely lady named Gracie. It was a show to help her family with cost associated with her healthcare. This poor little girl struggles everyday with pain in her joints and discomforts that a young girl shouldn’t have to go through. As I came through the curtain she was smiling and chanting my name. The fact that we take things for granted everyday like jist being able to walk and to see her smiling and not having a care in the world at that moment but seeing me wrestle really hit home for me. I couldn’t even begin to tell you what happened in the match but that moment will stay with me forever.


3: If you could work for any promotion in wrestling history, what would it be?

To say I wouldn’t do this for a living full time would be a lie. So to be able to work for the E and coming down that ramp at Monday night raw will always be a dream of mine.


4: Is there an opponent out there that you haven’t locked up with yet that’s on your radar?

That’s a tough one as well I’ve been in the ring with some great talent over the years. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the ring with Rob Conway, Colt Cabana, Rudy Switch blade, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Nick Dinsmore and countless guys that deserve recognition for what they do. That being said. I would like the opportunity to get a match with Duke the Nuke as we’ve had contact several times but never a match.


5: What can the fans expect from you for the rest of 2019?

The Fans can expect to get 110% percent from me every time I’m in that ring. Love me or hate me as long as you leave feeling entertained. I’ve done my job.


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