Another day and another talented individual joins us for 5 Questions. Big D is a guy that is working his butt off to make a name for himself in the wrestling business and making progress all the time. Keep an eye out for him.

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So first off, thanks for having me on 5 questions. It means alot to me that you think people want to hear what I have to say instead of staring and my crotch. So let’s get this started…


1: Is there a particular person you patterned your in ring style after?

There is honestly not a single person who I have patterned after. More of a hodgepodge of people. I try to take moves and techniques I like, and try to put them together and make a style of my own. But lately I’ve been studying alot of the Legendary Big Boss Man and Razor Ramon. Also the criminally underrated Chris Kanyon, and Test.


2: If you can pick a favorite, what is your all time favorite match that you’ve been apart of?

Bro, that is a tuff question…. Honestly, do I pick my very first match against Mitch Huff? What about the time I was duct tapped to a turnbuckle and a fan come out of the audience towards me with a knife? Do I pick the Thanksgivings Day street fight where it took 45 minutes for the crew to clean up afterwards? Do I pick the match that my brother was sent flying into the audience and landed on a 5 year old girl? Grindhouse’s first ladder match? Or when I made J-Mo say I quit? All good ones but, I have to say my latest proud achievement is the Grindhouse vs. Fight or Die at this years Night of 2 Many Gimmicks. Grindhouse has become my family and it meant the world to me to be able to defend it from outside invaders.


3: Bigger “D”, you or Val Venis?

I have all the respect in the world for Val and the Big Valboski. Let’s be honest real recognizes real. But if I had to guess… I probably have him on size but, Val probably has more technique with his years of experience in the pros. But if you are talking about pure strength, you can’t leave Joey Ryan out of the conversation. If anyone really wants to find out then contact your local promoter and tell them you gotta know!


4: Is there an opponent out there that you haven’t locked up with yet that’s on your radar?

I am always look into the future, So my radar is full. Personally I want to see if ZDP could handle the D. He started training one week before I did, and we have never had a match. I want to see who has learned the most over the past three years. I also feel like I personally could learn alot from a match or two with the OGs in the area like Rudy Switchblade, Hy Zaya, Tony Gunn, Flash Flanagan and Jack Black just to name a few. But a match with these younger guys who are always busting their ass trying to make a name for themselves like Deonta Davis, Richard Sharkey, Chet Rippley, and Omega De would be knock down drag outs that would test my limits. In the realm of Tag Matches, My brother Duke and I have been talking and we would love to Reunite the Buffet Brother to face The Gym Nasty Boys. Regardless of who’s hand get raised at the end of that one the fans would be the real winners.


5: What can the fans expect from you for the rest of 2019?

My goal this year was simple. Penetration. I am trying to put my self in new places. 2019 has been a great year for me so far. I have got to add a few notches to my belt by debuting in multiple organizations all ready like EWE, OPW, and HPW. And I still have more lined up. Just really going head first, you know? Hell, I even got a call from a guy named Benji wanting me to do security work. When Big D sees an opening, he slides in.


Thanks for answering these.

Thanks again for the invite. It’s weird that you made me answer them all in this Borat bikini but you know whatever… (Ahem, um standard practice for most interviews.)

Like I said, I am going to many new places and trying new things so follow me on social media so you can see who is trying to measure up to the D.

My links are as follows: FacebookTwitter, Instagram

And lastly I wanted to mention that during the last interview he did, Freddie Hudson promised he would randomly drop my name, but didn’t do it. See how easy it was bro? Also, I can eat more Taco Bell than Jason Saint.


That’s all folks. Thanks for reading.


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