Coming off Night of 2 Many Gimmicks…


  • The show started with the main event of ZDP/Freddie Hudson for the Grindhouse Champion was made. ZDP claimed to be the reason Grindhouse defeated FOD at NO2MG but Freddie, being the sole survivor, begged to differ.

Ace Jackson defeated Stripez the Clown with an Alabama Thunder Bomb.

Chet Ripley defeated Rich Dulmage with a Double Arm DDT after some distraction from Loki Havik.

  • Billie Starkz and Alice Crowley had a face to face in the ring that ended a friendship.

Loki Havik defeated Dawson via the Rainbow Driver. He then kissed a few people…

  • Rudy Switchblade gave a pre taped interview expressing disdain for both the fans and 2 Tuff Tony.
  • Jason Saint and 2 Tuff Tony had an in ring segment where both men vowed to find out why Rudy Switchblade turned on their team at NO2MG.

Alice Crowley/J-Mo/Deonta Davis defeated Billie Starkz/Mama’s Boiz after Alice hit the Killswitch/Unprettier on Billie.

In the main event it appeared to the crowd that Freddie Hudson won the Grindhouse Championship. However, in the celebration, Referee Ben revealed that in fact since ZDP had hit him with the belt before the pinfall that the match was actually a DQ. With that happening Freddie won the match…but not the belt.


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