If you have been following this man’s Twitter feed you may realize that for better or worse at least some of the fate of DESTRUCTOpro is in the hands of this gentleman. Some call him a genius and others call him a walking Fyre Festival but like most things the truth may be somewhere in the middle. You be the judge…

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1. What made you decide to invest in DESTRUCTOpro?

Money. The answer to every “why did you do this” question you ask me will always be money. The assistant to my former assistant works in the wrestling industry on the side. He caught wind of a hot new wrestling startup happening in the Louisville area and I took advantage of it. This really isn’t much of an investment. It’s me throwing some pocket change at a startup in hopes of a big return. If it fails it’s no sweat off my back.


2. A lot of people were curious where exactly you made all the money to invest in the first place…You seemed to pop up out of seemingly nowhere. It caused some of my readers to ask if you were on the up and up?

I was born rich. My mom was big name in the Beanie Baby industry and my dad was one of the people behind the greatest 80s series/toyline ever Bravestarr. Now I just take the money I got from them and invest it into things that will make me richer. I’m behind nearly every paid program you see when you loser watch TV at 1am and I’m also the man behind platinum selling pop punk icons Extreme Shades. You might not have heard of me but everyone with money knows who BLT is.


3. Moving along. As a major backer of this company what do you expect out of the debut show “Yo Soy Destructo”?

Greatness. That’s my expectation for everything I’ve ever been involved with. My partners have gathered a killer roster of talent that are all looking to bring something new to the territory. I don’t know how I feel about this whole punk rock meets wrestling concept but as long as it’s entertaining and makes me money I’m all in.


4. On your Twitter account you don’t seem to be a huge wrestling fan, is there any part of this show a man of your wealth and taste are looking forward to?

I never cared for pro wrestling but I am looking forward to the matches on this show. Your perception changes when you’re the one in power. This won’t feel like a normal wrestling show to me. To me this feels like I’m a king looking down on all my gladiators as they do battle. It doesn’t get much better than that.


5. Is there anything in particular you would like to say the folks that are on the fence about making this first DESTRUCTOpro show?

I’ve talked with and seen videos of several of the talent involved with the show. I can honestly say I don’t like any of them but they are committed to their craft. They’re all obviously going to bust their ass in the ring to stay in my good graces and I’m sure that’s bound to be entertaining as hell to those sitting in the audience.


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There we go. The man seems…interesting to say the very least but I can verify that his checks cleared. He wan’t exaggerating about Yo Soy Destructo though. This show could be amazing. I want to thank Mr. Tegan for taking some time out of his “busy” schedule.


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I’ll see you there…as long as I’m still employed after this.


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