Recently we were lucky enough to speak to Pro Wrestling Trainwreck’s own JC Rotten about some of the fun stuff they have planned for the fans and the future of this upstart company.

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1: How much fun has Trainwreck been for you so far?

Running TrainWreck has been fun but stressful at the same time,We’ve made some mistakes in the beginning just like any others would so it’s a working progress but we aren’t out to change the wrestling scene,we are out to change the party scene.


2: Are you excited for the big Southern Indiana debut on the 23rd?

Man excited is an understatement, Andrew The Owner Of The BarrelHouse On Market and the brand new Boomtown Kitchen and Social has given us a spot to do our thing in and he’s putting in so much work to the building to make this show happen. We’re excited to bring something truly different to the area. You can see good wrestling practically any day of the week thanks to 2 Tuff Tony and the Arena, But we are offering that bloody, violent, party environment.


3: Do you think that the teaming up with Paradigm Pro Wrestling will benefit both companies in the future?

Teaming with Paradigm has helped both us both already, we’ve been able to offer them a talent like Blake Christian while we have Matthew Justice on our July 20th show. There is no telling what you’re gonna see between the TrainWreck and PPW partnership in the future.


4: As far as the Memphis area of the promotion goes, do you feel that the fans have embraced you folks as much as you would have liked?

Memphis is a growing process. Crowds haven’t been insanely well because a lot of people don’t know how to take what we do, but the more people that come they keep bringing people with them. We are showing Memphis that Jerry “Teen Lover” Lawler is out and The New Royalty Of Memphis is here to stay.


5: Lastly, what can we expect from you and Trainwreck in the future?

The future of TrainWreck is already stacking up to be wild. Working on different ideas for a never before seen tournament,different matches and different production. Like I said before we aren’t out to change the wrestling scene,we are here to change the party scene.

I hope to see all the local people at Welcome To The WreckRoom on June 23rd!!


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