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Money in the Bank: Naomi vs Carmella vs Nikki Cross vs Mandy Rose vs Ember Moon vs Dana Brooke vs Natalya vs Bayley

I enjoyed this one and thought it was a fine way to start off the show. They did seem like they were a bit nervous at times and maybe trying too hard to keep up with what the boys would be trying later. The spot with Carmella was kind of weird and she may have legit hurt her knee a bit. Ember Moon hitting the Eclipse from the ladder was bad ass and should be replayed on a loop until the end of time. Bayley getting the win was a great moment and seemed a bit like a shot at Sasha. They should really reconsider what they think hurts people though. “Oh, you gave my best friend a nice moment? BASTARDS!”.

Winner: Bayley via climbing.


  • Sami pisses off HHH by whining. Braun was banned and no way he’s going to bother Sami. Sure.


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US Championship: (C) Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio

I’m not sure if they had to go home early because of the blood or because this evens them up from Mania. It was fun for a minute though.

Winner: Rey by pinning half of one of Joe’s shoulders to the mat.

  • Rey’s dumb kid comes out to celebrate and gets his father murdered.
  • Braun is in the building…wait…he was BANNED!


Steel Cage: Shane McMahon vs The Miz

This feud was dead before we got to this and I can’t think of one logical reason why 65 year old Shane McMahon is

A) Wrestling and B) getting any kind of victory ever

This kind of kills the babyface push Miz has been getting pretty much dead. Somehow they are going to try and make us care for another month but it didn’t work this past show so I have no idea how they will pull it off. Complete garbage that helped no one.

Winner: Shane via a sweaty shirt fall.


  • Sami was attacked…I was hoping for a cool payoff.
  • We are getting a Mick Foley appearance and another title. Do they need another title?


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Cruiserweight Championship: (C) Tony Nese vs Ariya Daivari

Hey they made it off the preshow! Sadly no one cared. This was fine but it is hardly a matchup that will get people excited about this division in any way. So much talent on that roster and this is what they give us? The match was fine but jeeze.

Winner: Tony retained during everyone’s bathroom break.


  • HHH runs in to Braun and politely asks him to leave. Braun apparently didn’t kill Sami though.
  • Super Showdown is still a thing.


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RAW Women’s Championship: (C)Becky Lynch vs Lacey Evans

I don’t usually point this crap out but Lacey’s green gear looks like crap. Do better. The match was a big old dose of “just fine”. Nothing really stood out as good or bad and it helped Lacey take a step up the ranks. You will not remember this match next week though.

Winner: Becky via armbar and terrible refereeing.

  • Buuuuut before Becky can head to the back Charlotte arrives and goads the champ into her shot right then.


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Smackdown Women’s Championship: (C)Becky Lynch vs Charlotte

These two usually put on good matches but this was kind of bland and too short to mean anything. Charlotte just straight up manipulating the champ into the match before it was scheduled showed everyone that she is indeed smarter than Becky. I mean, it showed Becky had heart but man don’t get suckered like that. Lacey coming out to help Charlotte keeps that going as well.Not all her fault but it was a disappointing night overall for Becky 2 1 belt.

Winner: Charlotte via shenanigans and big boot.

  • Buuuuuut before we moved on Becky attacked Lacey and Charlotte had to get involved which drew out Bayley for the save. Charlotte got cocky and missed a spear into the buckle. Bayley thought about it and then…


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Smackdown Women’s Championship: (C)Charlotte v. Bayley

One big elbow later and I’m actually standing up and applauding. Good for Bayley, shot at Sasha or not this girl deserves the belt.

Winner: Bayley via big elbow.


  • Roman was minding his own business and Elias nails him with a guitar. Then he saunters down to the ring and plays us a tune on his fancy new electric model. As he was leaving Roman showed up with a Superman Punch.


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Roman Reigns vs Elias

Spear 1-2-3.

Winner: Roman


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Universal Championship: (C)Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles

This was dynamite. From bell to bell a master class on how good a pro wrestling match can be when you have the talent, drive and determination that these two athletes posses. Easily the best singles match of the night and I wouldn’t argue too hard that this wasn’t better than the main event. Stop bitching about everything in the product and focus on stuff like this. Top notch.

Winner: Seth via the cubstomp.


  • We get the Lucha House party out for an unannounced 6-man tag. Before that goes down Lars Sullivan attacks and lays waste to them. Why was this on PPV?


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WWE Championship: (C)Kofi Kingston vs Kevin Owens

This was the lesser of the two big title matches but that definitely didn’t mean it was bad. I love Kofi to death and I’m glad he won the title but he just isn’t doing it for me as THE GUY right now. Sadly I think WWE might be feeling the same way. Both guys did a good job with this though and KO in particular made Kofi look as good as humanly possible on his way to the loss. Any other night this would be up for MOTN but it had no shot on this show.

Winner: Kofi via Trouble in Paradise



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Money in the Bank: Baron Corbin vs Finn Balor vs Ricochet vs Andrade vs Ali vs Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton

I thought this was a banger and my match of the night. Everyone busted ass in this and put their bodies and lives at risk to give everyone in that crowd a show. Even Baron Corbin impressed me in this one. The bump that Finn took to that ladder? Ridiculous. Even the ending didn’t anger me as much as other people. It fits Brock and Paul’s characters (and actual personalities probably) to a t. Plus it was a huge surprise that no one saw coming and popped the fuck out of that crowd. Good stuff all around.

Winner: Brock Lesnar via…nothing really.



Overall Thoughts: There was some disappointing stuff on this show but I thought the only outright BAD matchh was Miz/Shane. everything else either lived up to my expectations or just missed them. I thought it was a fun show and it had an ending that everyone has an opinion on. Can’t ask for more than that really.


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