Another month of iffy guessing from our talented bunch of folks.

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Let’s meet our esteemed panel…

Chad French: I write about wrestling on this website. I also enjoy Pabst Blue Ribbon in a non-ironic way. Possible drinking problem.

Drewcifer Jones: Co-host of The Road Home From Wrestling podcast and all around swell guy.

Anthony Harper: Lifelong wrestling fan,new father and a Cubs supporter from back when that meant something.

Lee G:  Journalist. Reporter. Pro Wrestling Enthusiast. Maker & Owner of Lee G News. Cincinnati Reds fan. ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage is Lord.

Jamie B: Another lifelong wrestling fan and brings a woman’s touch to this bunch of weirdos. 

John Hatfield: Another Co-host of The Road Home From Wrestling podcast and writer at 


If you are in any way curious you can check out the predictions from last year right over here.


Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair (SmackDown Women’s Title Match)

Chad French: I have a really strong feeling Becky will win at least one of these matches. I think the Raw women’s division needs her more than SmackDown does so I guess Charlotte gets her 10th title reign here.

Drewcifer Jones: Charlotte will win with help. I think WWE wants to reset the chase with Becky. I think we get a Rousey return and it costs Becky the title.

Anthony Harper: Becky and I think this match will give Lacey the upper hand in their match.

Lee G: Becky 2 Belts. Charlotte just doesn’t strike me as a champion right now. Go live your love life and come back when you want blood.

Jamie B: Not to knock Charlotte as a talent, but I am over seeing her in title match after title match. Hell, they even acknowledged the fact that she gets opportunities over so many other deserving women. Lynch has been killing it and will retain the SD title.

John Hatfield: I suspect this will be the first of Becky’s 2 matches of the night. She’ll beat Charlotte again for the 862th time in the last year.


Universal Champion Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles

Chad French: No way I would take the belt of of Seth yet. I’m just hoping for an awesome match. Both men can deliver, WWE should let them prove it.

Drewcifer Jones: This isn’t for the ROH title? What the heck? I think Rollins has to win. He beat Lesnar. He can beat AJ. Hopefully this is the first match in a series for these two. They could do some incredible things together.

Anthony Harper: I have a hard time believing they had Seth best Brock, just to lose to AJ. I think this will be a great match, but Seth wins.

Lee G: Seth wins this. It’s time asserts his dominance.

Jamie B: Very excited about this one! This will be a killer match regardless of the outcome. As big of a fan as I am of Rollins, I think Styles will get one over on him and be our new champion. He’s more than earned a good run as champ.

John Hatfield: I’d love to see Styles continue to take over WWE in all forms, but you can’t have the Beast Slayer drop the title to someone who couldn’t conquer the Beast. Winner: Seth Rollins


WWE Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Kevin Owens

Chad French: Everyone loves Kofi. I love Kofi. That being said the tag division on SmackDown needs the New Day and KO needs a bit of a jump start to his kind of lame return.

Drewcifer Jones: This is going to be a tremendous match. I’d love to see either one of these guys win. I feel like the WWE is still riding the Kofi train and he will win because of that fact.

Anthony Harper: Kofi’s run isn’t over, but I think they are moving to KO or Sammy beating him eventually.

Lee G: Kofi kicks KO’s ass for Big E.

Jamie B: Owens being an honorary New Day member was fun, but we all knew it was short lived. It’s tough to pick one, because both have their accolades and both would be great champs, but I see Owens picking up the win here.

John Hatfield: Kofi’s title reign can’t end that quickly. KO will have a good performance, but Kingston gets the W.


Roman Reigns vs. Elias

Chad French: The Big Dog will always be the Big Dog. Elias needs this. I think they could extend this feud if played correctly. Let’s hope Elias brings the big fight to this, Roman always does.

Drewcifer Jones: I don’t care. Poor Elias. He used to be somebody. Now he’s fighting over who’s yard is who’s. #LolRomanWins

Anthony Harper: The Big Dog! Unless Vince has something up his sleeve, which is a possibility b/c Roman punching Vince has to comeback to bite him. I’ll stick with Roman though.

Lee G: Elias always gets the nod from me.

Jamie B: I’m glad Reigns is doing well and back in the ring, but I’m not overly excited about this one. I’m guessing Reigns takes this one and then goes on to chase a title in the next couple of months. Would be interesting to see him vs Rollins if Rollins does retain.

John Hatfield: This match is so fresh! Take 2 guys from RAW & have them feud right away on SD! Roman Reigns doesn’t lose. Ever.


The Miz vs. Shane McMahon (Steel Cage Match)

Chad French: Miz needs to break Shane’s legs and toss him in to the abyss.

Drewcifer Jones: I’m looking forward to this one. Their last match was a blast. This will be no different. I think Shane will win again due to some fluke just like last time. They’ve got to stretch this out til Hell in a Cell in October.

Anthony Harper: I’ve been asking this for 3-4 months now… WHY IS THIS A THING? Haha. Miz and I’ll pick Miz until he wins against a non-wrestler.

Lee G: The Miz. You simply just can’t mess with a man’s Dad.

Jamie B: Cue the CM Punk chants. McMahon doing this whole Best In The World nonsense is on my nerves. Much to the disappointment of my guy, I’m a fan of The Miz and I want him to win.

John Hatfield: I didn’t expect Shane McMahon to win at Mania, I expect it this time though. Elias with the assistance helps McMahon continue to be too involved in dumb storylines.


Raw & SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch vs. Lacey Evans (Raw Women’s Title Match)

Chad French: This is the one Becky should keep. She can be the Man on RAW (away from Ms. Flair) and can lead that division from the front. Lacey will get enough chances.

Drewcifer Jones: This match needs a run in from Rhonda Rousey. That’s the only way I can see Becky lose this one. That’s my prediction. Lacey wins with help.

Anthony Harper: Lacey gets her push and takes advantage of a beaten up Becky, which will set up a long feud between them as “The Man” will say it was only b/c she had another match.

Lee G: Becky 2 Belts again. Until further notice!

Jamie B: There’s been a lot of complaining about Evans getting a title shot after doing basically nothing on the main roster, but I’m here for it. I feel like a lot of faith is being put into Evans, which makes me think she could win the title.

John Hatfield: I think it depends on the order of the matches for Becky. If this one is second, I can see Lacey taking advantage of Charlotte wearing down Becky & picking up a championship to match her hat. Lacey Evans with the wildcard victory.


Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

*Some of the picks were edited after the Alexa Bliss announcement*

Chad French: Jeeze…give me Natalya. I have no idea why and she may be my least favorite human in the match. That actually is my answer, WWE always does one thing per show to kill my spirit. Natty will do that. (Since this show is in Bayley’s home town I expect her to almost win the thing and Sasha return to screw her over.)

Drewcifer Jones: I’ll never not pick Mandy Rose. I know Lacey Evans is the shiny new toy, but WWE will remember all the sudden that they have “the most beautiful woman in the world” on their roster. Mandy wins.

Anthony Harper: Now that I had to edit this pick, give me Bayley.

Lee G: Mella is money. She’s freaking hot! And why not 2 Money Mella???? (You heard it here first)

Jamie B: I’m stoked that Dana Brooke is in this! She doesn’t get enough credit and recognition, so I’m glad she’ll get to show off. Ideally, I would love for Ember Moon to win this and wait for a few months before cashing in. Realistically, I’m thinking they go with Naomi or Alexa again. But I’m Team Ember all the way.

John Hatfield: I kind of feel like Sasha Banks will end up involved in this match since she’s been MIA. BUT I’m rooting for Ember Moon to finally get a push on the main roster & becoming Ms MITB.


Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Chad French: Drew McIntyre is a damn Greek God that can murder people with headbutts. Pull the trigger on this dude now.

Drewcifer Jones: I hate to say it, but I think Baron Corbin will win. It’s the way they seem to be headed. I think he is the definition of mediocre. He and Bobby Lashley should tag together. They could be called W.G.R. (Who gives a rats ass) Corbin wins.

Anthony Harper: Braun… oh, he isn’t in it anymore (🙄) then give me Sami only because he was just added and I don’t see Finn winning this match.

Lee G: Finn wins this. He’s climbing the ladder back to the top.

Jamie B: I’m so bummed they took Braun Strowman out of this! I could see Baron Corbin winning just to rile up fans, or possibly Orton. I’m pulling for Andrade or Balor, and I refuse to pick just one. Both are amazing talents and deserve a bigger push.

John Hatfield: We need some fresh blood in the top title pictures. Andrade & Ali are the future & will both be big stars. Time to pull the trigger on Andrade. He sacrificed the most names to get the briefcase.


United States Champion Samoa Joe vs. Rey Mysterio

Chad French: Joe will retain after Dominic turns on Rey. He looks more like Joe anyway, Cesaro is right as always.

Drewcifer Jones: Finally we get to see an actual match? The way Rey was squashed last time makes it hard to believe he has a chance. I don’t see any reason for Rey to win. It wouldn’t help anyone. Joe wins decisively and beats up Dominic in the process.

Anthony Harper: Joe, they have made him look weak with pitiful L’s that he is way overdue for a W.

Lee G: Joe. Joe. Joe. Joe. Joe. Joe. Joe.

Jamie B: These two kill it any time they’re together. I’m assuming Mysterio’s son will be present in some way, but I can’t quite decide how he will be used. I see Joe starting off strong, but ultimately Mysterio rising up and defeating him for the title. Or, at least winning via DQ with no title change.

John Hatfield: I guess we’re redoing the Eddie/Rey storyline from like 02’ again? Why are we mixing in Dominic into storylines again? Samoa Joe walks out with the US Title in a less dominate showing than WM last month.


WWE Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese vs. Ariya Daivari

Chad French: I think the belt stays where it is right now.

Drewcifer Jones: Tony Nese wins. He has been built to be the champion and top guy of 205 Live. It’s too early to take the title away. If it were based on entrance music, Daivari would win this one and many many more. Side note: That show still hasn’t recovered from losing Neville.

Anthony Harper: Nese wins because of reasons.

Lee G:  I love Tony Nese! The boy can flat out go. He wins.

Jamie B: I wish the Cruiserweight division was featured more on TV instead of just confined to the network. I know very little about the build to this match unfortunately, but I do know what an amazing athlete Nese is, so I don’t think now is the time for him to lose.

John Hatfield: I ABSolutely think that Tony Nese will be picking up the victory in the victory & skipping out on all carbs.


SmackDown Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan & Rowan vs. The Usos

Chad French: The Planeteers should keep the belts at least until we get new ones made. Oh, and until an actual SMACKDOWN TEAM can win them.

Drewcifer Jones: Bryan and Rowan win. I really hope they have a decent run with the titles so they can help put over some of the new talent.

Anthony Harper: The Usos win as this was a random give me title to them. (This is where Bray might play a factor, if they use him in a PPV and not Raw).

Lee G: Welcome back to the Uso Penitentiary.

Jamie B: I’m sorry, but I’m not a big fan of the Usos. I love Bryan and Rowan as champs; their win completely took me by surprise and I’m living for it. I miss the Bludgeon Brothers, but I’ll take Bryan and Rowan as a consolation prize. They are definitely retaining tonight, pushing the Usos to the back of the line, and hopefully having a lengthy run as champs.

John Hatfield: Why are the Uso’s getting ANOTHER tag title match on the brand that they’re not even a part of?!? USE YOUR BRANDS ROSTER!! Daniel Bryan & Erick Rowan win & continue to defend the planet as true heroes.


Finally, the real pick’em of the night…

After Sunday, who will sit on the Iron Throne. Let’s be honest… no one is watching this PPV.


Chad French: This is the hardest pick of them all. For some reason I think they take the safe route and put Jon on the throne. As our country has shown, you don’t have to actually know anything to be in charge.

Drewcifer Jones: No one. It was destroyed by some crazy lady and her pet.

Anthony Harper: What??? I sit on the throne after White Castle. Haha… I don’t watch GOT.

Lee G: Tyrian Lannister.

Jamie B: Jon Snow doesn’t want it, Dany lost her mind, Arya doesn’t seem the type to be happy with it, so maybe Sansa gets that honor?

John Hatfield: Is there still an Iron Throne after that Fyre Festival that Dany threw last week? WILD CARD: Gendry Baratheon sneaks his way back home to King’s Landing & takes pops place on the Throne.

And as a special bonus! Joining us for ONE QUESTION ONLY, my wife PAM!

Pam: Ummmmm Bran.



I think we are all looking forward to Sunday and to see how right and or wrong that we were. Thanks to everyone for reading and please come back soon!

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