Tomorrow is EWE’s biggest show!

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From the Official EWE Facebook:

Freddie Hudson challenges Matt Atreya for the EWE Championship

Matt won his world title back in August where he ushered in a new era in EWE. Since then he has successfully defended his title against the likes of Chris Silvio, 2 Tuff Tony, Space Monkey and more. He has certainly become a force to be reckoned with in EWE.

Freddie has been in EWE since the beginning and has watched the show grow. He has seen what Matt has done with the title and how he represents the show and wanted a chance to take that belt.

He got that chance at EWE Press Your Luck and won that match. Earning him a shot at Matt’s EWE title in the main event of Epic Mania III.

Will Freddie finally knock Matt off his throne on top of EWE or will Matt continue his reign of dominance on top of the EWE mountain?


My Prediction? I love Freddie and he has really come on as of late but Atreya has been on a roll for a reason. Sadly for Freddie, I don’t see that coming to an end Saturday.


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From the Official EWE Facebook:

The Mama’s Boiz defend their EWE Tag Team Championships against the Space Pirates

Joshie Boy and Joe Trigga Travis are among the few originals of EWE, especially Joe being apart of the show since the beginning. Ever since they won the EWE Tag Team Championships back in February they’ve been on top of the world! Heading into Epic Mania III, they asked for a challenge, and we believe they definitely got one!

Space Monkey debuted in EWE at EWE Raising The Bar in December against the current EWE Champion Matt Atreya. Even though he didn’t come out on top, he definitely showed everyone why he is certainly out of this world!

Next Saturday he returns to EWE with his fellow partner Shane Sabre as they look to acquire some more gold!

Will the Space Pirates walk out of our biggest show of the year with some treasure? Will the Mama’s Boiz overcome this HUGE challenge put against them?


My Prediction? Well one team has A MONKEY FROM SPACE ON IT. We may see new champions crowned this week.


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From the Official EWE Facebook:

Okay….. now we got Zodiak vs. Drew Dillinger for the EWE Immortal Championship

Drew has been rolling through his opponents ever since he won the title back in November. He has faced some fierce competition, but come Epic Mania III he’ll be going against possibly his toughest competitor yet.

If there’s anyone capable of taking down Drew Dillinger, it’s the Hybrid Monster. Zodiak has faced and defeated bigger men before and he seems confident coming into this match.

But in a recent video released by Drew, he looks to have summoned some sort of darker and more vicious side of him. Who knows what he’ll be capable of now that he’s somehow got an even more vicious side to him!

Will Zodiak be the one to make Drew Dillinger a mortal again? Will Drew’s darker side help him keep his title?


My Prediction? This is really a battle of two monsters and those are always a pick’em. Do you take the monster with more experience or the size and youth of the champion? In this case I may have to take the younger man. Drew is just too big and too mean right now.


From the Official EWE Facebook:

Next up we have the Fans Strap The Loser Match between J-Mo Jesse Morris and Josh Ritchie

J-Mo has always been about getting the win by any means necessary ever since he debuted in EWE. It has helped him do great things such as becoming an EWE Tag Team Champion with his former partner BW3.

But it has also cost him dearly such as when he lost the tag titles when the ref restarted his match when he found out he cheated when they defended their titles against the Mama’s Boiz back in February.

Josh has seen it all go down and it all went to blows at EWE Press Your Luck when he finally challenged J-Mo to a match at Epic Mania III!

Will Josh give him the whooping he deserves or will J-Mo weasel his way to victory again?


My Prediction? It’s about time someone shut J-Mo up. It might as well be Josh.


From the Official EWE Facebook:

Things are gonna get rough when HoodFoot Mo Atlas, Khris Kaliber, Yukon Mike, and Big D square off in a 4-Way Hoss Battle!

Over 1,000 pounds of humanity look to tear each other apart come next Saturday to prove to everyone at EWE who the hoss of the show really is!

Will Mo assert his position and get his first win in EWE? Will Kaliber continue his momentum from Press Your Luck? Will Mike be able to chop down his competition? Will Big D be successful in his debut match against some of the biggest guys EWE have to offer?


My Prediction? That is a whole lot of beef y’all. This is another one of those situations where you can throw a dart and pick a winner… I’m taking Kaliber in this battle.


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From the Official EWE Facebook:

Then we got Prince Wellington vs. The Amazing Pooky

Since his debut in December, Prince Wellington has yet to actually wrestle a match since every time he came out he deemed his opponent unworthy to be his debut opponent.

But at EWE Press Your Luck, he was slated to face The Amazing Pooky. But when he tried to get out of his debut match again, he met the wrath of Pooky’s devastating rubber chicken!

So at Epic Mania III, the Prince looks to get revenge on The Amazing Pooky for embarrassing him! Will he get his revenge or will Pooky ruin his debut match?


My Prediction? If this match actually happens I will be shocked. The Prince has not exactly shown an inclination to step into an EWE ring no matter what the circumstance. If he DOES actually step in the ring…he will take this. He pretty much has to or his EWE career is over before it starts.


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From the Official EWE Facebook:

Supreme Excitement have had a wild several months in EWE. From becoming the inaugural EWE Tag Team Champions, to hanging out with Santa Claus and helping him with his list, to running their very own show.

But recently Go-Go faced Papa J and due to interference from Mr. Excitement against his wishes, he won the match. When Papa J confronted them afterwards, The Pizza Guy jumped in and they challenged them to a tag match at Epic Mania III!

Not only did they accept, Mr. Excitement upped the ante and made it an Exciting Match!

Will this prove to be a wise tactic for Supreme Excitement or will Beer and Pizza beat them at their own game?


My Prediction? I have never gone against any form of Beer and Pizza and I damn sure am not starting today. Bonus points if either guy hands me some beer and or pizza.


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From the Official EWE Facebook:

Next up is Chet Rippley vs. Deonta Davis

Chet debuted in EWE back in February in one of the roughest matches that has happened in EWE. Even though he didn’t come out on top, he showed everyone why he really is unbreakable!

Deonta will make his debut at our biggest show of the year, so the pressure is definitely on him. Even though he’s all about grooving and jiving, he knows when it’s time to get serious and this is one of those times!

So will Deonta be successful in his EWE debut or will Chet be able to break him and turn things around for him here?


My Prediction? Well Chet is a near un-killable wild man and Deonta likes to dance. Give me the (non dancing) weirdo in this one.


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From the Official EWE Facebook:

The last match we will talk about is Justin Dream vs. Waffle

Since Justin made his debut in January, he has put on some great matches but he has yet to pull out a victory inside an EWE ring.

However, Waffle’s story is different. He may look harmless, but he can do some damage if underestimated. Which is exactly what happened when he faced Luis Casanova at EWE Press Your Luck.

So come Epic Mania III, will Waffle continue his momentum he has going for him or will Justin finally get out of his slump he’s been in since debuting in EWE?


My Prediction? If my Beer and Pizza pick taught us anything it’s that I never pick against things that will make me fat. Waffle it is.


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