Grindhouse vs Fight or Die continued…


  • Prince Wellington and the Royal Guard arrived. The Prince cut a heartfelt promo about his Mother before the FOD crew arrived. The words “No one cares about your dead Mother” were said. A brawl erupted and Grindhouse Champion ZDP arrived with a chair to make the save. A tag match was set up between GRindhouse and FOD later in the show.


House Wellington and The Bad Dude Gang w/Dude defeated Ace Jackson, KTK, Mr. E and the Guy


Deonta Davis defeated JMO in a Dance off


  • We got a taped promo from Grindhouse Women’s Champion Charlie Kruel about taking the night off.


Billie Starkz defeated Alice Crowley in a #1 Contenders match via countout after Richard Sharkey interfered.


Raul La Motta defeated Apollo Garvin w/Dude in a Baka Gaijin Match


  • Jason Saint named Biff Wellington the new VP of Talent Relations. This promotion immediately got him stunned by the Stone Cold Bear. It’s kinda what he does.


The Mama’s Boiz defeated FOD’s Crooked Dreams by DQ when Joey Kidd Owens of FOD arrived with a chair.


ZDP held on to his Grindhouse Championship over Chet Ripley after some shenanigans. In the aftermath another FOD attack led to a brawl erupting between the two sides.


  • In the chaos a Grindhouse Championship match between ZDP and Joey Owens was made for next week.


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