With this going down Saturday it is time to promote again.


The art of the wrestling manager is becoming more and more lost as the years go by. That’s why I’m happy to see guys like Mortimer still out there preserving something that I have loved since I was a kid, pro wrestling managers.


1: We have heard that lately you have had some issues with Jacob the Carpetbagger, how did that come about?

Jacob came to Supreme Wrestling about 6 months ago. He did a meet and great for his fans and then proceeded to step foot into the wrestling ring. That area is very sacred to me, and to have someone who has nothing to do with wrestling trample all over it… Well… It pissed me off. That confrontation didn’t end well for me, so lets move on to this past Saturday. For the past few months Jacob has been harassing me, saying that I stole his look. How could I steal his look when before 6 months ago, I didn’t even know who he was? Well this past Saturday he finally confronted me, well him and Jacob Johns ambushed me and broke a “Manager of the year” award over my head. Which gave me a cut on the side of my face, and a considerable laceration on my right shin.


2: How is the shin doing?

10 staples and 100 yards of medical tape later… I am still recovering. It hurts still, if I move a certain way. I am sure you can find pictures of it. I lost a considerable amount of blood, and just recently started to feel back to normal. Its going to leave a gnarly scar. But in the long run, I’ll be just fine.


3: I’m assuming you have a plan for revenge?

Mortimer Blankenship always has a plan. But I am a fair individual and my plan is none other than to face Jacob in a match. No foul play, just me and him 1 on 1. Seems like a good plan to me. However I would like to have a contract signing before May 11th to make it official and so Jacob can’t back out of shaving his mutton chops off when I win.


4: When and where can we see this all go down man?

MAY 11th in Hanover Indiana at Southwestern High School! THREE GENERATIONS OF EXCELLENCE! Not only will you get to see me kick Jacob the Carpetbagger’s butt, but also you will see Doug Gilbert, Jason Kincaid, Jerry “the King” Lawler, and all of your favorite Supreme Wrestling stars! Tickets are available now! Just contact your favorite Supreme star and we will get you your tickets!


5: Anything you want to say to Jacob or his supporters?

Jacob, nothing else can be said. You have brainwashed 170,000 subscribers to believe that you aren’t the jerk in this situation… But that’s OK. To all of Jacob’s “Carpanions,” I’m sorry that this has to be done, I’m sorry that it has come to this, but May 11th… At Three Generations of EXCELLENCE in Hanover Indiana… I’m cutting your hero’s mutton chops off… And you can take that to the bank!


This is going down SATURDAY folks!


Once again I would like to thank our guest for joining us today and spending some of his precious free time answering questions like this. These folks have a lot on their plates so I appreciate Mortimer taking time to answer these for us. Try and support him where you can, I’d greatly appreciate it.


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