Last night was the inaugural show from our friends over at OPW and here is what went down…

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  • We were introduced to OPW Commissioner Tony Mullins who set up a Triple Threat match for the Brayden Lee Open Challenge adding Sage Cainan and Ace Perry to take on Lee.


  • Before the first Contest Ref Ben tried to make it out to the ring before he was stopped by Ref Sean. Sean declared that Ben was not welcome to be an official and was fired before he even started. This led to Ben stating that he had a Manager’s License. Tony Mullins then declared that if he could find someone to manage he could stay. At that point ZDP’s music hit.

Shain Bender defeated ZDP w/Ben by DQ after constant interference by Ben and a low blow by ZDP.


Logan James defeated Freddie Hudson after a shot with brass knux.


  • JMO complained about having to face the Pizza Guy so Commissioner Mullins added Dewey Wellington and Big D to make it a 4-Way Elimination match. JMO was not happy.

Big D survived the 4-Way Elimination match featuring Pizza Guy, Dewey Wellington and JMO by lastly eliminating JMO.


Ace Perry defeated Brayden Lee and Sage Cainan w/Shain Bender in a Triple Threat.


Billie Starkz was able to survive a pre-match attack from Haley Shadows to gain a victory in their contest.


IFHY defeated The Mama’s Boiz. Originally the match ended in a 20 minute draw but the crowd and Mama’s Boiz demanded 5 more minutes. After some stalling IFHY jumped The Mamas Boiz and held on to that momentum with some chairs and other dubious tactics to gain the victory.


In the Main Event, Corey Storm was able to gain the victory over Chase Holiday.


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