With the Tryout show happening tonight I thought it would be fun to go back and talk with some of the guys we spoke to before the LAST tryout show and see how the experience went for them.

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The first 5 Questions are from our original interview with Kevin and the 2 at the end are from this week. Enjoy.


1. Why do you think you would be a good fit in IWA?

I think I would be a good fit because of my experience running my mouth lol and I’m known as the “smart ass ” and for pumping up crowds and helping create excitement.


2. There has been a ton of talent through this company, who was your favorite?

My favorite will always be Jimmy Jacobs. I was fortunate to be able to attend his seminar at IWA and to this day is one of my favorite memories.


3. There is a lot of talent in IWA as we speak as well. Who are you most excited to work with?

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a lot of their talent already, but any time I get to be in a locker room with Aaron Williams is always a blast.


4. How big of an opportunity do you feel this might be for your career?

This is a huge opportunity…22 years of history speaks for itself and can’t believe I’m going to have a opportunity on that stage.


5. The IWA audience decides your fate Thursday, what should they expect?

IWA should expect the smart ass is coming lol…I’m going to run my mouth and try to entertain as only I can.


And now let’s see how Kevin feels about the experience after taking the chance…


You were a participant in the last IWA Tryout show, how does it feel to be an official part of the family now?

Its a honor…knowing I’m working with some of the best in the industry and learning every week is amazing.


What would you tell folks who are on the fence about trying out for this show?

23 years speaks for itself …if you want to work the best and improve then you have to try out!!!!


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The Tryout Show is tonight! Do yourself a favor and check it out in some capacity, I promise you will be entertained one way or another.


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