With the Tryout show happening Thursday night I thought it would be fun to go back and talk with some of the guys we spoke to before the LAST tryout show and see how the experience went for them.

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The first 5 Questions are from our original interview with Joe and the 2 at the end are from this week. Enjoy.


1. Why do you think you would be a good fit in IWA?

I believe IWA is all about passion, you’ve got to want it. And while I’m still young, I have a lot of passion and strive to be the best I can and Thursday I will prove just that.


2. There has been a ton of talent through this company, who was your favorite?

AR Fox and Myron are up there for me. As Myron is still younger than fox he has blasted off with his wrestling career in a tremendous way and from watching AR in my hometown to Lucha Underground they are my favorites to come through this company thus far.


3. There is a lot of talent in IWA as we speak as well. Who would you most like to go face to face with?

Kevin Giza. Hands down a match I’d be looking for. Who knows who The Mama’s Boiz are looking to come face to face with at IWA!


4. Is there anything you want to say to the roster of IWA in the event you make the cut?

Mama’s Boiz will make a statement on Thursday that we aren’t to be misjudged for our love of the mamas, but our love for wrestling will show we will fit in IWA.


5. The IWA audience decides your fate Thursday, what should they expect.

Energy. Nothing but Energy. The fans at IWA can definitely expect a lot of energy when me and my partner step through that curtain. When I walk out I will put in 110% to make sure they walk out entertained.


And now let’s see how Joe feels about the experience after taking the chance…


You were a participant in the last IWA Tryout show, how does it feel to be an official part of the family now?

I feel great about being apart of the family , if you aren’t at IWAMS you’re missing out. IWA is a great place to call home and I couldn’t be any prouder to be a part of it


What would you tell folks who are on the fence about trying out for this show?

No one should be on the fence about trying out. Period. IWA has great show every week with great opportunities, so get up and go to the tryout show. It’ll be worth your time , I can promise you that!


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The Tryout Show is Thursday night! Do yourself a favor and check it out in some capacity, I promise you will be entertained one way or another.


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