I did this interview for two reasons…

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The first is that Nick is one of the coolest people on the planet and I think the guy should be exposed as much as humanly possible not only as a good dude, but a supremely talented and selfless guy. 

The Second Reason is because the Tryout show means a lot to me personally. Not only is it one of my favorite shows for entertainment reasons, it gave me the opportunity to do some things in wrestling that I never would have if I hadn’t made that leap of faith. Nick’s encouragement with this helped immeasurably and it can’t be overstated how awesome both he and this concept are to me as a person. 


1: Is the Tryout Show still one of your favorite shows of the year?

Yes. By far. Some inside baseball, this is one of the only shows Ian gives me full control. In years past, it’d be me & Reed Bentley then me & The Rejects.

2: Are people surprised at all when they find out that CURRENT WWE employees invested in themselves and tried out for IWA?

They are. When you hear names like Apollo Crews or Jonathan Gresham or AR Fox, some of the top guys of the independents, it blows their mind. You could be in the same breath.

3: What has been the craziest thing you have ever seen at a Tryout Show?

Bruther doing a shooting star press to the floor and wiping out was p nuts. Lucio Deveer and Dre Parker doing a deathmatch was insane. Got them both a spot, got Lucio in SYWBADS last year.

4: You’ve seen a lot of talent at these shows, who impressed you most right out of the gate?

Ray Waddell, Jordan Whittaker, Myron Reed, Corey Storm, Dre Parker, Aaron Anders, Mr Grim, Eddy Only, Graham Bell, Jaden Newman, Will Huckaby, Menace

5: Finally, do you have anything to say to any fence sitters out there trying to decide to try this?

I look at it like this, it’s $20 ($15 if you’re not wrestling), I’ve spent that on eBay wins and Taco Bell trips alone. There’s worse things you can spend your money on. Most of the time, we have veterans & roster members at the show, so you not only get a chance to try out but you get a chance to pick the brain of Ian, potentially guys like Mitch Page, Tracy Smothers, Larry D, Aaron Williams, etc. Just depending on who’s there. If you want to wrestle for IWAMS, this will at least put you on the right track & put you in front of the eyes that matter the most.

Thanks to Nick for taking his time to do this. Do me a favor and follow him over on Twitter.

The Tryout Show is Thursday night! Do yourself a favor and check it out in some capacity, I promise you will be entertained one way or another.


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