Well it was that time again so we got some folks switching brands for better or worse. Like every other person on the internet I have an opinion about whether these moves are good…or not.

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First we will check out all of the talent that appears to be on Raw after the last two nights of craziness.


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The Miz

The Miz is going to be fine no matter what brand he lands on. I’m 95% positive this move was so he stays on the USA Network to help promote his show. I love Miz and the man busts his ass so this move is fine and hopefully leads to bigger things for the guy.  So I’m going with GOOD.


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Andrade and Zelina Vega

Raw got two top notch talents for the price of one in this deal. Andrade is an in ring demon and I hope they just don’t use him as generic heel #16 for people to run over. Having Zelina there to carry the promo load helps him out immensely. As of right now I’m calling this GOOD, but time will tell.



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Rey Mysterio

Sure he got killed on his first night but that means nothing to the career of this legend. Rey is another one of those people that will be in about the same place on the card no matter where he works. GOOD.


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The Usos

The Raw tag scene was a wasteland so adding one of the best teams in the last decade can only lead to good things for both the division and the Usos themselves. Hell of a GOOD move.


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I think Naomi was kind of lost in the shuffle on the SmackDown side so this move will do what it was designed to do, freshen her up. The entire division for both brands is still kind of screwy though, thanks to the Champ,Champ so we will have to see. Right now I’m giving this a GOOD.


Eric Young
Eric Young

Well…I feel bad for Eric because he and Sanity were getting zero time on SmackDown but this move will not improve that at all. I only think he makes it on Raw if they have battle royals or squashes that need cannon fodder. Sorry EY, BAD.


Lacey Evans hits the scene to mock Becky and Natalya, and she says the Raw Women’s Championship doesn’t belong with Natalya.
Lacey Evans

They have a rocket strapped to her ass right now. This lady will be around for a long time so we should just get used to it. GOOD.


Cedric Alexander
Cedric Alexander

I think this is a good move for Raw, getting another high quality talent on the roster can only lead to more entertaining matches. For Cedric…this may not end well for him. How many Cruiserweights do WWE ever push as a threat at the same time? Sorry Ced, this may be BAD for you.


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AJ Styles

I think there are a ton of positives to AJ changing brands. He was getting stale as all hell on SmackDown dealing with the same people month after month. New opponents, new drive, new challenges are all things AJ will love. This is a GOOD one.


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This guy has star all over him. I think he may have been slightly better off on the blue brand but overall his talent will shine through. GOOD.


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Aleister Black

See Ricochet. Another guy that will be a star no matter where they put him. GOOD.


NXT Tag Team Champions War Raiders make an epic TakeOver entrance.
The Viking Experience

Yes…the name is awful. We can move past that. They put these guys over like monsters Monday night and it seems like they will be a huge part of the newly renovated Raw tag division. I’m calling this GOOD for now.


WWE Photo

Look at this guy! The fact that they absolutely have misused him so far (even before Monday) makes me think that this WWE run is a punishment for getting over in IMPACT. I know that sounds ridiculous for a billion dollar company to do that but…remember the company we are talking about. BAD.


So Raw picked up 13 (counting Tag teams as one) and 10 of those I think will pay off for them on the red brand. Not too Shabby. Time to see how SmackDown did.



Suddenly, Roman Reigns interrupts Elias!
Roman Reigns

Yeah, say what you want. This guy will be money regardless of the situation. He’s a WrestleMania main event guy multiple times over and they will never stop giving him every opportunity to succeed. GOOD.


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Obviously SmackDown is 2 for 2 with this pickup. My only question is which of the mid card belts will be heading back over to Raw? The rumor was Samoa Joe (makes sense with the Strowman deal) so I think Finn is in good shape with this transition. GOOD.


Image result for elias wwe

With the move to Fox on the way this is a solid move for the career if the Drifter, He will be able to be seen by more homes in a time where he keeps getting better and better. GOOD.


Image result for bayley www.wwe.com

I’m glad the Hugger is off Raw but this SmackDown Women’s Division is a murderer’s row. I think Bayley will be better off getting away from the Raw drama in the long term though. GOOD.


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Ember Moon

Another solid pickup for the blue brand and another well timed move for the talent. Like I said, the SmackDown Women’s division is amazing right now. GOOD.


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Kairi Sane

See above. Add in the fact that she is apparently teaming with Asuka and they have Paige to talk for them? This is an amazing move. GOOD.


Image result for lars sullivan www.wwe.com
Lars Sullivan

Moving him away from Braun is a good idea. He doesn’t look like much of a monster near a dude of those proportions. Once again SmackDown scores. GOOD.


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Buddy Murphy

Another guy that can have amazing matches with anyone if they let him. The guy was a stud on 205 and I think they finally realize what they have with him. GOOD.


Image result for liv morgan www.wwe.com
Liv Morgan

Yeah…they can’t all be winners. Outside of the Riott Squad she is exposed and will be out performed by 99% of the roster on this brand. BAD.


Image result for chad gable www.wwe.com
Chad Gable

One of the most amazing performers on the planet. I can’t say enough good things about this kid and him moving hits the reset button on his potential. GOOD.


Image result for apollo crews www.wwe.com
Apollo Crews

Another guy who’s potential is sky high. I really hope SmackDown is taking all these guys to let them tear it down every week. GOOD.


Image result for Mickie James www.wwe.com
Mickie James

Mickie is a veteran presence in the locker room, a talented performer and still looks like THAT. She is welcome everywhere in my opinion. GOOD. Man, they should just make SmackDown an all women’ show.


Image result for Heavy Machinery www.wwe.com
Heavy Machinery

Eh, they haven’t won me over on any brand just yet. They are fine and are probably better off in this division than Raw’s…I just don’t see it yet. BAD.


Out of the 13 pickups for SmackDown I only had 2 of them as negative moves. So judging by my own very weak criteria SmackDown takes this Shake-Up. That makes the loser this year…NXT. They got killed y’all. I can see a lot of positives on both of the big brands though and honestly think if most of these moves are acted upon correctly we could have a good year in WWE.


What do you think? Leave a comment below. Who was your favorite move? Least favorite? Let us know.


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