Our second 5 Questions of the days is with the freshly 18 Corey Storm! Corey took time out of his busy schedule to speak to us about this Friday night’s huge StormCast birthday show!

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1: How does it feel to be finally be 18 and still have all the experiences you have had in the business?

I started Professional Wrestling a little after I turned 15, going on almost 3 years in this business. There have been great times, and there have been awful times. Being under the age of 18 really limited a lot of things, so now I’m going to take every opportunity that I couldn’t before my 18th Birthday!


2: What gave you the idea to do StormCast to celebrate your birthday?

I’ve always had the idea and hope to one day (even just once) book a show, I didn’t think it would be possible but the hope quickly become a possibility with everyone’s help!


3: Have you enjoyed being “The guy” to put all of these awesome matches together?

Yes for sure! There were several people that I wanted on the show that I couldn’t have featured sadly due to other bookings and such, but every single person on this card means something to me. In some way, shape, or form, they made an impact on my journey in Professional Wrestling. I couldn’t do any of this alone!


4: Which match (besides yours) do you think has show stealing potential Friday?

I’m personally looking forward to all of the matches on the card, but if I had to choose one it would be… Teddy King w/Coach Jimmy vs Mr. Brickster in a LEGO Match. I feel like this match is the most slept on out of them all. These guys are gonna come through and put on an insane match as this is Teddy’s last match in Professional Wrestling!


5: Finally, now that you are 18 can we expect anything different from Corey Storm going forward?

You can expect me to prove everyone wrong. Everyone who has ever doubted me, bashed me, or looked down upon me. I know my worth and I know with the determination that I have to be the best….I will be! Everything is starting to fall in place and have more meaning. Everything is changing and everyone will see that soon enough.


Thanks to Corey for taking time out of whatever it is 18 year olds do these days to answer for us.


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