This upcoming Thursday night Adam Slade will have one of the most brutal matches of his career against International Star Michael Elgin. We were able to speak with Mr. Slade about this war and some of his future IWA plans.

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1: This feud with Michael Elgin has reached it’s boiling point, are there any nerves going into Thursday’s big match?

I have absolutely no nerves going into Thursday. I’ve pinned TV’s Michael Elgin 3 times. It’s seems he’s the one with something to prove.


2: You guys have already had several wars, is there a certain amount of begrudging respect between you two athletes at this point?

I do have respect for Elgin after all he’s the one who trained me but at some point the student must surpass the master and I think I have done just that.


3: I have to ask, is this going to be a one on one battle or will the “gentlemen” from the Player’s Club involve themselves in some way?

That is official Players Club business and on a need to know basis and you and your readers don’t need to know.


4: Have you ever been in Texas Death match before?

I have not, but rest assured Billy the P had supplied me with plenty of tape to study so if IWA management thinks this will rattle me in any way they are wrong.


5: After this thing with Elgin is over, what are your plans going forward in IWA Mid-South?

I’ve done a lot in IWA Mid-South in the 10 months since I’ve arrived. I’m a former 2 Time IWA Tag Champ, I’m a former IWA Junior Heavyweight Champion. I’ve beaten damn near everyone whose gotten in my way. There are two things that I have on my horizon: Get A spot in the Ted Petty Invitational and win the IWA World Championship to become a Triple Crown in IWA.


I’d like to thank Mr. Slade for joining us. Check out his big match with Michael Elgin at IWA Mid-South’s big Thunder Before Thunder event Thursday night.


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