It’s WrestleMania season folks so everybody and their brother has a ton of content out to capitalize on the big event. So I’ll be riding this train all week! Never let it be said that I am not one to jump on a bandwagon and stay there. (THIS ONLY RANKS THE MATCHES THAT WENT ON LAST. SORRY DEL RIO VS EDGE PEOPLE.)

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This is my ranking of the second ten WrestleMania main events from an in ring perspective, not money drawn, not storyline, just how much I enjoyed that match from the work in the ring. Also, I won’t be listing managers etc. if you are taking the time to read this then you probably know who they are. All that being said, this is also opinion based, therefore your opinion may not match mine. That is fine, I have idiot in the title of my website, do you want to agree?

So let’s get started in reverse order from worst to first and see how these things stack up.


10: WrestleMania 13 (Chicago, Illinois)- WWF Championship (C) Psycho Sid vs The Undertaker

I like Sid a lot and I loved him when I was a kid but he has had like 3 decent matches and this wasn’t one of them. The Undertaker finally gets his crowning WrestleMania moment and it was in a junk match on a card that had already been stolen by Bret and Steve. I really wished he had a better moment to kick off his first real championship reign but it is what it is. This match sucked folks.


9: WrestleMania XI (Hartford, Connecticut)- Bam Bam Bigelow vs Lawrence Taylor

LT wasn’t the first celebrity to main event WrestleMania but to this point he was easily the best. Bam Bam worked a miracle by getting a decent main event out of a guy that had never had a match in his life. I would rank this higher but out of principle I can’t put LT’s performance above some of the other matches on the list.
they sure tried hard but this show was just a complete bomb.


8: WrestleMania X8 (Toronto, Ontario Canada)- WWF Championship (C) Chris Jericho vs HHH

The build up for this match was almost completely on the HHH/Stephanie stuff and Jericho was an afterthought. When these two got in the ring the crowd was already deflated from Hogan/Rock so a boring match with a clearly paper champion was not going to cut it. HHH still hadn’t fully got back into form at this point either so him moving at half speed really undercut what they were trying to do in the match. Has to be a major disappointment considering the talent involved.


7: WrestleMania 2000 (Anaheim, California)- WWF Championship Fatal 4-way (C) HHH vs The Rock vs Mick Foley vs The Big Show

From this point on the matches were at least pretty good and decisions had to be made. If this was just the Rock vs HHH portion of the match it would probably rank higher but sadly we had to sit through a lot of McMahon garbage before we got there. Mick Foley finally got main event WrestleMania and didn’t help by being completely out of shape after his 4 week retirement. The first half of this is a mess but the last few minutes were OK so I can’t justify putting it any higher. Sorry Mick.


6: WrestleMania XV (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)- WWF Championship (C) The Rock vs “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

This was one of 3 occasions that these two battled at WrestleMania and even though it was pretty good it was the worst of the bunch. I still really liked the story of Austin taking out Vince’s Corporate champ on the biggest show of the year though. This was technically fine I just don’t think I could rank it higher than anything else on this list. They both redeem themselves later on though.


5: WrestleMania XIV (Boston, Massachusetts)- WWF Championship (C) Shawn Michaels vs “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

This night was the coronation of the biggest star in wrestling history to his throne. Although a bit short and disappointing at the time, this match has really grown on me through the years and has influenced a lot of the main event matches that followed it. Michaels thought his career might be over so he went out on his shield in this thing. It may not have been the perfect match for the Austin win but it was definitely memorable.


4: WrestleMania XIX (Seattle, Washington)- WWE Championship (C) Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar

This was actually the first WrestleMania where the WWE Championship was defended and not the WWF. It sadly is probably most remembered for the botched Shooting Star Press attempted by Brock but it was more than that. Up until the end this was a really good match put together by two supremely talented professional wrestlers. Angle went into this match with a severe neck injury and thought this was the end of his career (again) so he put it all out there. As far as Brock, people complain that he has gotten lazy but the reason they think that is because of performances like this. Both guys rocked it, well until Brock tried to kill himself.


3: WrestleMania XII (Anaheim, California)- WWF Championship Iron Man Match (C) Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels

I get that this is a technical masterpiece, I really do. My problem with this match is that it bores me. I don’t know why it does but it does. The fact that neither guy wanted to drop a fall through the entire thing was ridiculous and I think it hurt the match. I know people love this and I get your point of view it just isn’t mine. I like to be able to enjoy an experience not sit through it til an inevitable end. Three is as high as I’m going with this because the next two matches rule.


2: WrestleMania X7 (Houston, Texas)- WWF Championship No Disqualification (C) The Rock vs “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

History has shown that turning Steve Austin in Texas may have been a bad idea but I don’t care. This match was amazing, both of these guys busted their asses in there and the place was electric from bell to bell. The only reason this match doesn’t his number one for me was the dumb ass idea to try and turn Steve heel in TEXAS of all places. When he was supposedly doing this dastardly deed the entire place was cheering like the Astros won the World Series. Wrong place, wrong time puts this at two.


1: WrestleMania XX (New York, New York)- World Heavyweight Championship (C) HHH vs Chris Benoit vs Shawn Michaels

Yeah, yeah, I know. Let’s just get through this one. When this initially happened I thought it was the greatest thing I had ever seen and jumped up and down in my living room with joy. Now, looking back at this, I still think this was a technical masterpiece and at the time the right guy went over in a feel good moment. Everything that has came since has tainted what was once an amazing moment, I get it. The match itself though is still technically almost flawless and is a crowning achievement in in ring skill. This is number one but I don’t feel real great about it guys.


There we go folks. Did I get them wrong? Right? A little of both? One more run left!


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