Asylum Wrestling Revolution
Mercyful Fate by Sam Mitchell

Indianapolis Indiana
March 31st 2019
The Citadel Music Hall
This was the first AWR show I had attended and was really looking forward to seeing what the promotion had to offer and I was pleasantly surprised. The show was great from start to finish. A good mix of all types of wrestling, from technical, to high flying and hardcore styles. Looking forward to their future shows.


× Micheal Strong .vs. Austin Manix .vs. Kidd Foxxx {4 out of 5 stars}

These guys put on a great match to start the pace of the show. I’d never seen any of the three competitors before but hope to see them again. They all did a fantastic job. Austin walked away the winner.


× Levi Everett .vs. Kalmar The Raider
{4 out of 5 stars}

The Amish All Star came in to the asylum arena and you could tell the fans were excited to see him. As was I. Him and kalmar had a great match up. Levi won by pin. If they show highlights or have videos on YouTube watch this one for sure.


× Ace Austin .vs. Calvin Tankman
{5 out of 5 stars}

One of the best singles matches of the night in my opinion. Both had some great back and forth action, with great reversals, holds, and some pretty big powerbombs. Was a great David vs goliath like match up. This one and the main event was the best. Like I said previously, if this one is on YouTube, watch it. It’s awesome.


× Scotty Young .vs. Johnathan Wolf .vs. Bret Havoc
{3 out of 5 stars}

Good match between the three. Wouldve given it a higher rating but the match seemed kinda rushed. Jonathan won the match, by pin. Never seen him as a heel before, was different but he did a good job. Fits him pretty well.


× Appollo Starr .vs. Bradley Prescot IV
{3 out of 5 stars}

these two put on a pretty decent match up. Starr being the veteran and fan favorite, managed to get the win. After he made Bradley tap.


× Dru Skillz .vs. Clayton Gainz
{2 out of 5 stars}

I liked the match up on paper, but they drug this one out way, way too much. The most exciting part of the match was when Dru and Gainz were both down, and a surprise guest,  indy legend Hy-zaya ran in, and pulled dru on top of gainz for the win to the crowds disapproval.


× Main Event

Fans Bring The Weapons Deathmatch

Dale Patricks .vs. Joey Owens

{5 out of 5 stars}

The match I and most of the crowd was looking forward to seeing the most. With Dale And Joey I knew it was gonna be a good one, and boy was it! Corporal Robinson was supposed to be there to make a three way but had car issues and couldnt make it. But the two made it work and put on one hell of a show. Vicious shots from cookie sheets, steel chairs, and more. One sick spot included dale raking the back of joey with a wiffle ball bat covered in thumbtacks, and then pouring lemon juice all over the injured back. Both men were pretty neck and neck through out the match, Joey had a great spot when he grabbed dale through the ropes and suplexed him through 5 light tubes across two chairs. Another big spot featured Joey throwing dale onto a fork board. That was pretty sick. Both men battled it out, and I wasn’t sure who was gonna take the win but dale walked away the winner after giving Joey a piledriver on a giant stack of the weapons. Both men shared an emotional embrace afterwards and thanked one another for the match. It was great in every way. If you want to see footage check it out on the deathmatch cult fb page. I posted it as well as another fan from another vantage point.



Also they are having a deathmatch tournament may 19th, so stay in touch with them via Facebook for the details and info. First deathmatch show in indy in 12 years. You don’t wanna miss it. Yours truly will not be there sadly but definitely check it out if you’re in the indy area and love deathmatches.

Thanks for those who took the time to read this, and to those who were in competition and put on a great show for us fans. Thanks to Chad French and Midwest territory. Remember as always, support your fellow indie wrestlers. God bless.

#Sam Mitchell