I left my notes at the venue like a schmuck so all this is from memory. Feel free to send in anything I missed.


Gnarls Garvin defeated Akira with a Piledriver. He then delivered another on the floor after the match, Akira needed to be helped to the back.

Mr. Excitement defeated the Pizza Guy with a little help from the Stone Cold Bear dishing out Stunners. After the match Pizza Guy seemed a bit off…

Charlie Kruel defeated Hazel Crowe with a new Backstabber like move.


  • Coal County Crusher was attacked in the parking lot by an unknown assailant…


  • Grindhouse Champion ZDP arrived to gloat a bit about Riise but was cut off by a returning Corey Storm who challenged him to a match. ZDP declined.


Prince Wellington defeated Rich of the KTK after some shenanigans from the Royal Guard and a Bend the Knee DDT. House Wellington then left the KTK laying.


Joshie Boy and temporary partner Kev-O defeated the Royal Guard.


  • At some point in the show (Once again my notes are gone and I’m old so forgive the placement) General Manager Jason Saint arrived to discuss the attack of Coal County Crusher earlier in the night. Instead of getting to the bottom of that he got Charlie Kruel to complain about the Women’s Championship scene and run down new Champion Billie Starkz.


Chet Ripley defeated Drew Dillinger in a Street Fight after some help from Mr. E and a steel chair assisted Cactus Jack elbow to the concrete. Drew looked despondent after the match and was offered some assistance backstage from a familiar voice…


Ace Jackson, Rudo LaMotta and Rudy Switchblade defeated The Bad Dude Gang by DQ when the newest member Drew Dillinger arrived to help them destroy the winners.


Corey Storm defeated Joe “Trigga” Travis with a Cutter. After the match, ZDP (who was sitting in on commentary) attacked Corey from behind with the Class Dismissed.



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